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Contributed by: Barbara P. Parsons

Information gathered in search of my own CARNES family.

(1) William D. Carnes
The parents of
William Davis Carnes were Alexander Carnes and Mary
Davis Carnes
, both of whom were natives of Anson County, N.C., which
part later became Mecklenburg County, N.C.  Birth records being lost
it was ascertained that
Mary Davis Carnes was born ca. 1774 and
Alexander a few years earlier.  There is reliable verbal evidence that
Alexander Carnes' father, also named Alexander, was a soldier in the
Continental Army in Virginia during the war for independence.

The first home of
Alexander and Mary Davis Carnes was in the valley of
Waxhaw Creek which later became the Lancaster District, S.C.
Alexander was a merchant planter and operated a farm.  They were
Presbyterians of the "old school". 

In the spring of the year 1809 a four-wheel wagon drawn by oxen wended
its way over the rough roads, through wilderness after wilderness from
the Waxhaws to Tennessee.  The wagon carried the family of
, his wife Mary Davis, and their 4-year-old son, William Davis
, together with all their worldly possession.  

William Davis Carnes, the son was born in the Waxhaws of the Carolinas
in 1805.  William D. and a twin sister who died in fancy were the
elders of the four children born to
Alexander and Mary Carnes.  The
other two were
Alexander Brown Carnes, and a second daughter who also
died in infancy.

Alexander Carnes went back to the Waxhaws to collect some past due
bills, and while in Charleston, S.C., transacting business,
was found dead, lying on a bed in his room in a hotel with a bullet in
his brain and an empty pistol by his side.  The verdict was suicide;
however, his money, supposedly a large sum, was never found.

The estate of
Alexander Carnes after all debts were paid, amounted to
about forty thousand dollars.  The widow received as dower one third.
John Davis, the widow's brother, as guardian took possession of the
other two thirds and returned to his home in Mecklenburg County, N.C.,
promising to invest for Mary's children. 
Mary Davis Carnes died in
1851 at the home of her elder son, William, who was then President of
Burritt College at Spencer, Tennessee. 

William Davis Carnes was born in the Waxhaws, November 1805.  In his
nineteenth year William entered the ministry.  On June 1, 1825 he
Elizabeth Billingsley of Bledsoe County, Tennessee.  They
bought a farm and settled in the garden spot of Sequachee valley.  May
4th, 1826, a daughter was born.  She was named
Mary for her parental
grandmother.  March 1st, 1829, Mrs. Carnes presented her husband with
a son,
Campbell.  In June 1831, the second daughter, Amanda was born.
In 1833, the second son,
Alva, was born but died in his sixth year of
scarlet fever.  The third son,
Eramus, was born August 7, 1835.  The
youngest son of
William Davis and Elizabeth Carnes was born on the
University Campus, April 13, 1845.  He was named
William Davis Carnes
after his father.   The third daughter,
Elizabeth Annette Carnes was
born July 15, 1848 at the family home in Sequachee Valley.

During the summer of 1860, after the death of his wife
Elizabeth in
William Davis Carnes took a tour through West Tennessee and
Mississippi, lecturing on education and soliciting subscriptions of
stock in Franklin College.  In West Tennessee he met blood relatives.
They were descendants of
David Brown Carnes, his Uncle, who was one of
the pioneers of Memphis, Tennessee.  In the year 1865 at Bethlehem
church about ten miles from Spencer, Tennessee, President Carnes met
and married
Mrs. Polly Morgan, a widow of a brother preacher.


(2) The Carnes Family

The name in Scotland was Cairns, the family being of the gentry'
class.  Some went to the north of Ireland and their descendants bore
the names;
Cairnes, Carnes, and Carn

Some branches of the Carnes family in the U.S. claim their original
ancestors came from Scotland with the name Cairns and that it was
later changed to Cairnes and Carnes.  It is a tradition of the
Maryland branch that a family of three brothers and one sister came to
Baltimore from Ireland.  From this branch, member's who served in the
Continental army during the Revolutionary War went to North Carolina,
South Carolina and Georgia.

Alexander Carnes, date of birth lost in fire during the war 1861-1865,
tradition states was of the family who came to Baltimore from Ireland.
He served in the Continental Army in Virginia during the Revolutionary
War and afterwards moved to N.C., where he owned lands in Rowan County
and Anson/Mecklenburg Counties. 
Alexander Carnes was the son of
Alexander Carnes, married Mary Davis, who was a cousin of John C.
, and they had three children; one daughter who died in
infancy, and two sons. 
William Davis Carnes mentioned above born
1805, and
Alexander Brown Carnes, born 1809.   Alexander Brown Carnes
was a physician.  Both had many children and the sons served in the
Confederate Army.

Thomas Peter Carnes came to Georgia from Maryland and lived in Greene
County, Georgia.  Thomas was a lawyer and a member of the third
congress of the United States in the Lower House.  The town of
Carnesville, Georgia was named for him.  He died in Augusta, Georgia.
His son
Robert W. Carnes was born in Augusta, Georgia about 1797, and
died April 7, 1853.  Three of Robert's daughters were. 
Mrs. Samuel H.
of Sparta, Georgia, Mrs. Dewitt F. Willcox of Columbus, Ga., and
Mrs. W.N. Hawks of Atlanta, Ga.

James J. Carnes, son of Robert W. Carnes, was born October 8, 1840.
He married in 1867
Mary C. Shivers.  Lived at Columbus, Georgia but
moved with his family to Dallas Texas. 
James & Mary Shivers Carnes
children were:
Robert W., DeWitt, James J., Mary E., Sam A., Martha
Julia, William Henry, Ross W., and Ross C. Carnes

John Cairnes, Commodore in the English Navy, was born in Scotland and
died at sea in 1698.

John Cairnes, son of John Cairnes of Scotland was born in Boston,
Mass., April 3, 1698 and died March 3, 1760.   He was a colonel in the
British Army.  In 1722 he married
Sarah Baker, daughter of John and
Mary Baker.

Lewis Carines, son of John & Mary Baker Cairnes married Martha Greene,
daughter of Nathaniel Green, descendant of Maj. Gen. Nathaniel Greene.
Lewis Carines died in Demerara, August 1, 1799.

Nathaniel Greene Carines, son of Lewis Carnes and Martha Greene, was
born in Boston June 8, 1793.  Nathaniel Green Carines lived in New
York and Paris, Frances.  He married May 23, 1816,
Mary Wainwright,
daughter of Francis Wainwright of Kenderhook, New York.  Nathaniel
died in Paris, March 5, 1819.

Frederick Greene Carines, son of Nathaniel Greene Carnes and Mary
, was born in New York City, November 1, 1826.  Frederick
married April 25, 1853 to
Hanna Elizabeth Frost.  They moved to
California, and Frederick died in San Francisco, January 22, 1889. 

Walter Carines, son of Fred. G. Carines and Hannah Elizabeth Frost,
was born in Riverdale, New York, February 24, 1861.  He is a citizen
of San Diego, California and the last direct descendant of the Boston
line of whom a record is at hand.

Samuel S. Carnes was born about 1764.  Tradition states he came from
Ireland to New Jersey.  He married
Miss Elizabeth McCurry, and they
moved to Mississippi and reared a family there.  Samuel S. Carnes
died, June 22, 1850.

John Carnes, son of Samuel S. & Elizabeth McCurry Carnes, was born
January 2, 1792.  He married
Margaret Marsh (Born Oct. 11, 1802; died
August 26, 1830).  John moved to San Jacinto County, Texas. He died at
Cold Spring, Texas 1870 or later. 

William James Carnes, first son of John Carnes and Margaret Marsh, was
born July 1, 1819, in Mississippi.  William James moved to Louisiana
and married at Hickory Flat, Louisiana to
Miss Jemima Howe Cole.
Jemima was born September 8, 1824 and died September 27, 1914.
William James died November 24, 1893. 


Inscriptions on the head stones of the Carnes family buried there.  At
this time I know of no connection with our family; however it seems
there should be.

(Decoration: Huge bird with outspread wings located on the tombstone)
The tombstone reads:
In memory of
Robert Cairns who died October 12, 1801 aged 59 years.
Lord I commit my soul to thee/Accept the sacred trust/Receive this
nobler part of me/and this watch my sleeping dust.

(Decorations: Large bird with outspread wings with seven pointed stars
on each side.)
In memory of
Alexander Cairns who died October 19, 1801.  Aged 23
But I am in the house of God/Like to an olive green/My confidence
forever hath/Upon God's mercies been.

Here lyeth the body of
Alexander Carns who departed this life in the
Sixty-sixth year of his life.
Age, October the 8, 1794 A.D.
(Decoration: On the back of this stone: Three hearts carved near the
top edge. Age 66.)

In memory of
David Carns who died June 16th 1786.  Aged 53 years.

In memory of
Rebecca Carns, wife to Alexander Carns/43 years and 77
days who died December 3rd 1808 aged 64 years. She was a faithful
virtuous and loving wife.  A tender and affectionate mother, a kind
and hospitable neighbor Rebecca at death, cheerfully resigned to the
will of her heavenly father.  Renouncing all dependence on her own
righteousness, and committing her all, into the hands of her glorious
redeemer.  Amongst the dead Rebecca lies/Who was esteemed by the
wise/But being found of Adams line/ Death has removed her out of
time/Now let her death and silence here/be monitors to quicken fear/
think solemnly of death's dark shade/and Jordan's deep, which you must
wade.  Age: 64.

Sacred to the memory of
Alexander Carns/who died December 1, 1814.A.D.
Aged 75 years.  Hear what the voice from Heaven promises/ For all the
pious dead/ Sweet is the Savoir of their names/And soft their sleeping
bed/They are in Jesus and are blessed/How kind their slumbers are/
From suffering and from sin released/ and freed from every snare/Far
from this world of toil and strife/They're present with the Lord/The
labors of their mortal life/End in a large reward. Age 75.

In memory of
William Carnes son of Alexander Carns who died on 24th
1807. Aged 31 years. Leaving a disconsolate widow and son to regret
their loss.  Ten thousand talents once I owned/And nothing had to
pay/But Jesus freed me from the load/ And washed my debts away/
Remember youth as you pass by/As you are now so once was I/ As I am
now so you must be/Prepare for death and follow me. Age 31.

In memory of
Catharine Carns, wife of Alexander Carns and daughter of
John Foster.
Departed this life April 2, 1804, aged 19 years and six months. Lord I
commit my soul to thee/Accept the sacred trust/Received this nobler
part of me/and watch my sleeping dust. Age 19.

This moment is dedicated to the memory of
Charles Carnes who died
December 28, 1815, Aged 30 years and 7 months.  Death like an
overflowing stream/ Sweeps us away; our life a dream/an empty tale; a
morning flower/Cut down and withered in an hour. Age 30

(Decoration: Dove with branch in mouth)
In memory of
David Kilpatrick Carns/Son of Alexander and R. Carns who
died May 27, 1787 aged 3 months. 

All the Carns, Cairns, Carnes family plot lie buried under lavishly
engraved markers:
Alexander Carnes B: 1708 Died: 1774 age 66
David Carnes, B: 1733, died 1786 age 53
Alexander Carns, Born 1739 died 1814, age 75 years
Robert Carns, Born 1742 died 1801 Age 59 years
Rebecca Carns, Born 1744 died 1808, Age 64 married to Alexander Carns
43 years and 77 days.
William Carns Born: 1776 died 1807 Age 31 years
Alexander Carns Born 1774 died 1807-age 23 years.
Catherine Carns Born: 1785 Died 1804-Age 19 years
Charles Carns born: 1785 died 1815- Age 30
David Kilpatrick Carns: B: 1787 died 1787, age 3 months.

The writer's line of Carnes starts with
John Carnes of Lancaster
County, S.C., who married
Margaret Plyler.  They are listed in the
1850 Census report for Lancaster, S.C.

John Carnes & Margaret Plyler beget-
Peter Washington Carnes+who married Missouri Black-beget (Jackson
Township-Union Cty, N.C.)
Martha Almatta Carnes+who married Frances Virgil Hinson
Willa Kate Hinson + who married Grady Lee Philemon beget-Barbara P. Parsons

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