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Quicksand - Part 3

by Terlonian

Part 3a: "Come into my parlor" said the spider to the fly.

Tobias watched to make sure Chris was really gone. He heard him revved his motor along the freeway and was assured. He stripped himself of Chris' clothes and stepped into the shower. His father always washed a hard day away with a warm shower but Tobias needed a cold shower to end the sexual high he was on. He couldn't fight the notion that he wanted to bring Chris up. With nosy Mrs Gaines next door, word would get around the complex before morning. He stood under the shower head and allowed the water to cover him, The water was cool and different like Chris, bold like Chris, all over him like Chris. He opened his mouth so the water could be inside him like Chris. He got out of the shower and into bed. He couldn't help but think that what he was doing was wrong. A man shouldn't have the same feelings for another man that he has for women. That's what he had been taught in church. If that was true, then why did he feel so at ease with Chris yet his wife grated on his nerves? Why did he engage in more sexual activity with Chris in the last ten hours than he had with his wife in the last six years? He kept seeing the images of the blue lights in Chris' tear filled eyes. The memory was filled with so much truth that it brought tears to his eyes. He could ignore it if he wanted to, but he loved the man. The question he had to answer now was is he "in" love with him. He decided to sleep on the issue.

The next morning a naked Chris lay in bed talking to his mother on the phone.

"Hey mom, how are you.....I'm fine....haven't heard from you in a while.......really, how is Aunt Mary?...oh, that's good...... huh... nothings wrong......I'm ok....the whole truth?, I uh...I met a guy....yeah he's nice, he's....he's really nice.....I like him a lot....that's just it, when he can be himself, he shows me he loves me, but I dunno, it's this boundary he has around himself that won't let him be who he wants to be......I don't want to force him but I .....I really do love him mom....yes I've told him....I really have...oh not like, most guys have moms that would hate them for being like me, I'm glad you're not like most moms...ok....I love you... bye"

He looked at the clouds through the skylight, mentally commenting on how pretty they were. Later in the day, he felt an uneasiness in his stomach. He didn't know if Toby would keep his promise. If he didn't, he would keep his promise and arrive naked at his door. He didn't want to.

He wanted Tobias to come to him. He hated the fact that he had to blackmail him to go on dates, but what was he to do? Tobias was in his boundaries and simply asking him wasn't enough.

Meanwhile, across town, Tobias was dead asleep. He was awaken by the heavy knocking on his door. He put on his robe and stumbled and tripped his way to the living room to see who it was.

"Mrs. need something?


"I'm getting dressed right now."

"Tobias it's four o'clock, what are you getting dressed for?"

"Mrs. Gaines, it's not four, if it was, I would only have an hour to get dressed and be somewhere across town, have you taken your medicine"

"Well since your going to be late, get dressed and go to the seven o'clock service."

"Ok, see you there"

Tobias closed the door and laughed at the old woman. She must really be off her rocker to think it was that late. He looked at the clock on the wall. She was right except it wasn't four o'clock, it was four-fifteen. Tobias threw on a pair of running shorts and an XXL gym shirt and ran out of the complex. If Chris had already left, maybe he could catch him. He pushed his silver Honda Accord as far as he could to make there in time. After driving for a while he was sure he had missed Chris and that more than likely, Mrs. Gaines was getting an eye full. When he arrived at the fire station, she didn't see Chris' car. He stepped out of the car and ran to the door.


He couldn't believe Chris would leave without it at least being five o'clock. He kicked his car tires in anger, wondering how was he going to cover his ass this time. Then he heard a voice that wasn't in his head.

"You know most people knock on the door instead of yelling at it."

"I thought you were gone."

"Well I'm not...come in"

Tobias walked into the station feeling a lot better than before.

"Where's your car?"

"It's over there. I park it inside when I don't want company."

"I can understand that"

Chris walked around Tobias and slid his hands around his waist. Tobias took a deep breath and exhaled as Chris took a whiff of him.

"God you smell good"

"I'm not wearing any cologne."

"I know, it's just you....god your tense."

"Well, you work for your father and have wine dripped on you, not to mention having your world turned upside down and no sleep will do that to you.?

"Well take off your shirt and lie down."


"I'm gonna try to work out some of those kinks in your back and shoulders."

"That's ok."

"Either you take it off or I will"

Tobias took the shirt off and searched for a place to put it. Chris grabbed it.

"XXL, well at least it's truth in advertising. I'm keeping this."

"And why is that?"

"When you're not here, I will wear it so I can be near you. Lie down."

"Chris I'm not stupid."

"Have I made a move on Come with me"

Chris lead Tobias to his bedroom. The first thing he noticed was the spider web comforter on his bed. Why hadn't he noticed this before? Chris pushed him on the bed.

"Lie down and let me ease you with these manly hands."

"Yeah, right. You sound like my dad. He was all talk too. He used to say that he could calm a bull with his hands and couldn't do (Chris massages his shoulders) OH MY GOD....OH SHIT....OH GOD THAT FEELS GOOD"

"I told you."

Chris grabbed his stereo remote control and enhanced his session with music. Before long, Tobias was completely relaxed. Chris worked his way down to his butt muscles and squeezed them to hear Tobias moan. The harder he squeezed, the higher the pitch Tobias' moans got. At one point he moaned so long that Chris couldn't help but get hard by the sounds. Chris knew this was what Tobias needed, a good, deep sleep. He needed to forget about the case, the club, the art show, everything that weighed down on him. He was able to manoeuvre Toby to pick him up and turn him toward the head of the bed. Toby was vulnerable. He could have fucked his brains out if he wanted to, but watching Toby sleep was enough. His mother used to light candles around him when he was little to bring him peace while he slept. Chris went to the drawer and got all the blue and yellow candles he had. Toby was soon illuminated in a glow of yellow and blue light. The vision reminded him a lot of how Toby looked in the moonlight at the art show. He looked so peaceful, so clean, so innocent, so vulnerable. He watched Toby's chest heave up and down. He looked and smelled like a brand new baby boy. When he woke up, Chris was sitting Indian style at the end of the bed.

"Hey you"


"How do you feel"

"Great....How long was I asleep?"

"Bout four hours."

"Feel like I've been out for days. You just let me sleep?"

"Yeah, you needed it"

"What did you do?"

"I watched did you have any sweet dreams?"

"Yeah I did. It was about you."


"Yeah. What's weird is we just stood there, no words were said, no gestures made. We just stood there. What do you think that means?"

"My grandma use to tell me about her and grandpa. She said they always knew they were going to be together because they were on this mental link. Before she even knew him, she knew he would be her husband. Little does she know that grandpa told me the same thing before he died."

Tobias knew where Chris was going. He tried to keep as blank a face as he could because he knew that Chris was scanning him every moment he was there. He looked down to hide his eyes and realized he was sitting in the middle of the spider web on Chris bed. He felt the bed start to shake. He looked up to see Chris crawling closer to him with every word he spoke

"You see Toby, they knew before they ever met each other that they were meant to be. All those years apart, they knew. Then one day they met."


"She was on the wrong side of town."

"And him."

"He was entertaining the crowd."


"He did magic shows for carnivals."

"So he asked her out on a date?"

"Better, he made her an offer she couldn't refuse."


"He pursued her till she dropped her hard to get game."

"And then?"

"He sealed their fate with a kiss."

Chris spread Toby's legs apart and straddled himself over Toby. He kissed him like they were married. He found regions in his heart that Toby thought he had hidden and some he never knew he had. Unlike a fly in a web, Tobias didn't try to free himself. What was the use? The spider was already on him. He was already being tangled up. All that was left was for the spider to render him powerless. Chris' kiss did that. Tobias couldn't help but think that he was in the middle of nowhere, in a place that would be passed up by the looks on the outside. Chris' place, a web in a forest unknown by any other animal. Still drowsy from his slumber, he gave in. He put his arms around Chris and pulled him close so that he could feel his chest against his. With every breath Chris took, Toby could feel his muscles entice his. He could feel Chris' cock harden against his leg and his own harden against Chris stomach. Chris reached his hands under Tobias' run shorts and grabbed his cock. He massaged him tightly and kissed him deeply. With every motion, Tobias moaned which turned Chris on even more. He found him self plunging his tongue in to Tobias' mouth and rubbing his cock against his leg. He abandoned his mouth and made his way down to his neck. Tobias' head rolled to the side to give the man complete access. Chris licked him till he found his nipples. He nibbled softly to hear Toby moan. Toby could hear something tapping the window. He looked to see the rain on the window. Chris nibbled on his nipples harder which made Toby cry out his name. That turned Chris on even more. He made his way back to his mouth to find Tobias willing to kiss him. This time he found competition. Tobias took over by grabbing Chris' neck and burying his tongue into him, tasting everything the man had to offer. A crack of thunder brought heavier rain outside.

"Oh you like the rain, don't you"

Chris used his remote to open the skyline above the bed. Tobias really had a hidden fear of thunderstorms. The first night his father went on a drunken tyrade, his mother loaded him and his brother up in the car and left for a hotel. He remembered how scared he was. To him, a crack of thunder meant anger, disappointments, instability. It seemed like every time his father got drunk and weird it was raining and thundering and like clockwork, his mother would load them up and they headed for the motel. He often wondered if he was ever going back. That thought mixed in with the passion he was exchanging with Chris. Were their escapades really safe? Is it stable, would something usher him from the anger of Chris' passion and deliver him to the hotel of the real world? Before Tobias knew it, Chris was kissing his chest and made his way down to his belly button. This was something incredibly new to Tobias. It was dirty, sinful, adulterous everything he wasn't and he liked it. Chris bit him which made him cry out his name louder than before. Like a rabid animal, Chris ripped Tobias' shorts off and through them to the side. He pulled his boxers off and returned to Tobias' belly button. Tobias' eyes filled with water form all the pleasure. Chris kissed his way down to the man's waist and dug his nose in Tobias' pubic hair. The rain outside grew angrier than before as the man explored Tobias' regions. Chris grabbed Tobias' cock and massaged him. As he went down to take the man in his mouth, Tobias' head went back, his eyes opened and a murderous crack of thunder filled the skyline.



"I'm not there yet."

"Yes you are"

"No I'm not"

Chris lowered his head in disgust. He crawled over Tobias and laid on top of him. They laid there for a moment breathing heavy.

"Are you mad?"


"You sure?"

"Yeah, I don't wanna take you anywhere sexually that you're not ready to go. Get up for a second."

Tobias' raised up and Chris slid under him. Chris pulled Tobias against him and started massaging his shoulders.

"You sure you're not mad?"

"I'm positive."

"I'm sorry, I'm not used to all of this yet. This is all weird-"

And he was asleep. Chris smiled. The spider wrapped his arms and legs around his prey and saved what was left of him for later.

"Goodnight baby."

Quicksand - Part 4

by Terlonian

Part 4: Just Another Manic Monday

Tobias felt the hazy glow of morning sweep over his face from the skylight. He opened his eyes to see the gray sky murky with disappointments. He felt Chris' arms and legs wrapped around him. It was weird, but he felt safe. He couldn't help but notice how drained he felt, how weak he was. He looked up to find a smile to die for.

"Hey there."


"You ok?"

"Yeah, have we done this before, sounds familiar?"


"What time is it?"

"It's one o'clock."

"WHAT!!!!!, I'm supposed to be at work!"

"Oh yeah, you're a nine to fiver"

"Shit, I gotta call my secretary"

Tobias searched frantically for his cell phone. His father was the suspicious type and if he wasn't at work, he would want answers.

"Here, use the speaker phone."

He dialed hoping his secretary would pick up. Whenever his dad was feeling superior, he would come to his office to let it be known that he was.

"Hello, Tobias Beecher, Attorney at Law."


"Mr. Beecher, where are you?"

"I'm uh...I'm detained. Has my father come by?"

"Yes he has..... three times."


"Don't worry, I covered for you. I told him that you were vomiting and I thought you had that new stomach virus so you went home. He fell for it and told me not to call you at all, to let you rest."

"Sandy I love you."

"You should."

"Lock up the office and go home early and thanks."

Tobias rested against Chris' chest. He was relieved that Sandy covered for him. If his father had known the truth, he would have gotten the Beecher family sermon. The sermon was full of "You're not responsible" and "you're embarrassing the family" and "you're not living up to your potential." He hated that with a passion. The thought was quickly wiped away with one kiss from Chris.

"Sandy's pretty cool, isn't she?"

"Yeah she is. Dad thinks she's in love with me. She brings me things, takes care of me, you know, stuff like that."

"You keep talking and I'm going to get jealous."

"Chris can I ask you something?"


"I'm horrible with names. I'll admit that, but I never forget a face. When you sat down beside me at that club, I kept telling myself that I knew you, that I've seen you before. I just can't remember where."

"So what's your question?"

"Chris, I haven't prosecuted you or anything have I?"

"No, you haven't, baby, It'll come to you."

"Chris don't fuck with me, have we met before?"


"Where, how?"

"It'll come to you."

"Why won't you just tell me?"

"Because I want you to remember it the way you experienced it, not my version of it,

"What if I never remember it?"

"You will."

"I need to go, if I know my dad, he's gonna call my mom and she will be over in no time flat."


"Can I borrow a pair of shorts or something?"


"You tore mine off, remember?"

"Oh yeah."

"Where's my shirt?"

"I told you I was keeping it."

"Oh yeah."

Chris gave Tobias a wife-beater T-shirt and a pair of gym shorts he had sprayed with CK be cologne. He watched him get dressed with attentive eyes.

"Toby, do you know how sexy you are?"

"Me sexy? No, I'm normally described as being a disappointment or having a corn cob stuck up my ass. Sexy is a new one."

Chris walked toward him. Tobias couldn't help but notice the animalistic walk he used. It was like a black panther in heat searching for his mate and spotting her. He grabbed him by his waist and pulled him close till they were standing nose to nose.

"Toby, you are very sexy and Sandy is in love with you for the same reason I am."

"And that is?"

"We see through the legal bull shit and get down to the real you. Sandy sees this equal balance of ignorance and intelligence. I see a powder keg of caged sexual heat just waiting to explode."

"You're crazy."

"Yeah, for you."

"I have to go."

"Ok, but I want you to know one thing."


"I'm gonna to make love to you."

He threw Tobias one of his million dollar smiles and watched him walk away. As Tobias drove off, he couldn't help but think of Chris' words: "I'm gonna to make love to you." Those words were never uttered in his marriage. Neither was the word love for that matter. When he and Gen had sex, it was because Gen wanted to. He never had a say in it. They were the complete opposite of TV couples. Usually, the man had the sex drive and the wife had the headaches. They never made love. When Gen was horny, they fucked. When she wanted attention, they screwed. They never made love; but here was Chris, a man who looked him in the eyes and said: "I'm gonna make love to you." Tobias tried to hide the smile that was creeping over his face. Chris gave him this sense of security, made him feel needed. With Chris, he could be weak and vulnerable without being chastised for it. He could drop his pretense and for once and allow himself to be saved. When he got home, he realized how much the real world sucked. It meant he had to be a door mat again. As soon as he stepped in the door the phone rang.

"Hello.....hi Gen.....what charity thing? .....I didn't check my machine, what's up?....wait a minute, you want to auction me off for charity?.....are any of the other husbands doing this? I'm the only one....yeah I'm ticked off, I'm your husband, not your whore you can pimp around for money....I don't have a corn cob up my ass and I'm not doing this.....bye Gen.....I don't give a damn, bye."

How the hell could she call and ask him to be sold for charity? This is what he was talking about. If she cared anything for him, she wouldn't have ever thought about this. He went to his bedroom and the wind from the ceiling fan stole the scent from Chris's clothes and filled the room. For some reason, everything was ok. The scent meant that Chris was real and in a way, he was there. Just as he was enjoying the scent, he heard a knock at the door.

"Who is it?"

"Your father."

"Hey dad."

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm ok, stomach isn't too good, but I'm getting better I guess."

"How's the case coming?"

"It's going well, I may have a lead."

"That's not what I want to here, Tobias"

"Dad I'm doing the best I can. I have a lead."


"Dad I'm not feeling well-"



"I didn't here you."

"Ok, sir."

"By the way, Gen called me on the cell phone. You're doing this charity thing. It'll look good on the firm from a charity point a view."

"Then let Carlisle do it."

"No you're going to do it."



Tobias felt completely empty. First his wife treats him like a whore and then his dad cuts him off at the knees. As much as he wanted to rest, he couldn't. He went to his briefcase and took out his files and worked on the case for hours. Tobias could win this case. All he needed was for Chris to tell what he knew. Even though he knew the man for only a short while, he knew he would get the information. He gathered new ideas for the case and decided to call it a night. Tobias would never admit it, but he was a net nerd. He checked his email to find a ton of depressing messages. One from his father telling him to don't fuck up, another from Mr. Green telling him how well his case is going and one from Gen asking him to sell himself. There was one message that he didn't recognize the address. It was sent by a person named mustang. The message read: I'm gonna make love to you......tonight? Tobias smiled. Chris was such a joker, but the other messages still made him feel bad. The very minute he logged his computer off, there was a knock at the door. His heart sunk into his shoes. He just knew his dad was coming back to give him another tongue lashing. He opened the door to find his doorway full of white roses with one red rose in the middle.


"Hi ya Toby."

"Chris, it's two in the morning."

"I know, you think I could come in?"

"Yeah, what are you doing here"

"I was in the neighborhood."

"At two in the morning?"

"Yeah, how are you."

Tobias looked at him. A sad glow appeared across his face.

"Toby, what's wrong?"


"Bull shit, what's wrong. You feel ok?"

"Yeah, I'm ok."

"Then what's wrong."

"Today hasn't been the best day."

"Did I do something wrong."

"No it's not you. It's my wife, my job, my father, my whole fucking life."

Tobias walked to his bedroom and propped himself against his dresser. He held back his emotions all day long; but for some reason it was coming back to the surface.

"You shouldn't have left me this morning."

"Well I had too."

"Yeah....I hate seeing you like this, all sad and hurt for things that more than likely your not responsible for."

"Shit happens in the real world, Chris."

"C `mere"


"Get off the dresser and come here."

Tobias turned around and walked toward Chris. Chris grabbed his hand and pulled him close. He kissed him on the forehead as he talked.

"Now, what's wrong?"

"I've got this case that decides whether I make partner or not and then there's my wife and dad."

"What are they doing?"

"There's this charity thing for cancer. So my brilliant wife comes up with this idea of a male auction online and signs me up. Basically, anyone can just log on and buy me. I refused, she blew up. The next thing I know here comes my dad bitching me out about the case and then tells me that I am definitely doing this charity thing. He says it will make the firm look interested. God I don't want to do this."

"Well as far as the case is concerned, you will get the info to win it. This other thing, shit I don't know. Yes I do, don't do it."

"Chris, if you knew what I would have to go through if I didn't do this, you would vote for me to do it."

"Toby why should you have to sell yourself when you don't want to do it?"

"I shouldn't, but I want to make partner, Chris. I want to spend time with my kids and in this family you have to do shit you don't want too in order to stay in good graces."

"So you're going to do this?"

"Chris, I have too."

"Ok. Fine call me and let me know how it went."

Chris headed for the door. His demeanor let Tobias know that he was upset.


Before he could catch him, Chris was through the front door. He ran back into his bedroom and opened the window.


"I have something to do Tobias."



"Chris, we're going to wake up the neighborhood, come back inside."

"No, I have something to do."

Chris got in his black mustang and ripped out of the parking lot. Tobias felt lower that he had ever felt before. What was he to do? If he didn't do this, there would have been some major shit thrown in his face. He couldn't take that. Chris was his escape, an escape he listened to as it disappeared down the freeway. He fell in the bed and stared at the ceiling.


continued in Part 5

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