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Decisions - Reunion Part 10

by Patrick McComas

Decisions -Ś Reunion Part 10 by P.S.M. (February 6, 2001)

Beecher looked directly at the bluish-white figure. "You seemed sexually charged, just so. . . aggressive at times."

"Your manifestations of my presence with you."

"So that's all I could see, the sex we shared? I made you into what I wanted you to be?"

"Don't torture yourself, Toby. You saw love. You just didn't recognize it right away."

"This is the last time I'll see you, isn't it?"

Keller's form smiled warmly. "Yes." The various colors swirled around the glowing body, licked and lapped about him like flames.

"What was the real purpose of your visits?"

"I think you already know that."

Beecher considered the past few months in great detail. "I guess you wanted to check up on me. Make sure I was doing alright by myself. With my family. With McManus."

He thought he could make out a nod from the spirit.

"And to give me some closure as well." Tears flowed freely from his eyes. He had to brush them away promptly to keep from losing sight of this awesome figure. "I got your suicide note, but it wasn't enough for me. I had to be sure that your spirit was at rest."

The Keller-being gave another nod.

"I love McManus with all my heart, and I'm gonna' stay with him." Beecher's voice was confident but broken. It felt good to vocalize his choice. The flood of tears and emotion of the moment overwhelmed him in beauty and sadness. "I have to let you go."

"Let me go, Toby."

Beecher choked on some sobs now. The figure seemed to be fading away already. "But why me? Why us? People lose loved-ones all the time. Why did you choose to appear before me?" The questions spilled out of him like a running faucet.

The form smiled and gave a sexy wink. It was the first action that really seemed like the old Keller to him. "I had to make sure my Toby was okay. I couldn't leave my Bottom Boy without saying good-bye." Another sexy wink and grin.

The form floated over to Beecher and pressed into him.

Tears poured from the lawyer, and he effected a kissing gesture with his mouth. Something pressed back. Not really lips. Warmth. Beecher felt the man's essence, his aura, over him, wrapped around him. As if they were in bed together. The heat was otherworldly, loving, staggering.

He didn't ever want to let go, but the spirit retreated a few feet. Beecher questioned if there was a timetable in the afterlife. Was he late getting somewhere? "I love you, Toby. Forever. Don't lose sight of that. But don't let it blind you either. Good-bye."

And Keller was gone.


The man drifted to sleep, tears drying on his face and pillow.


"Hey Toby." McManus beamed at him from behind the storm door.

"Hey. Come on in."

"How are you feeling?"

"Better," Beecher said smiling.

"I called your work. They said you took a week of vacation."

"Here," he said offering Tim a seat in the living room. He sighed as he took a seat beside the unit manager. "I just needed some time away, you know?"

McManus nodded. "I know." He sniffed nervously. "Where are Holly and Harry?" he asked sweeping the man's dark blond hair back from his forehead. He noticed some gray hairs there, just behind the temples. Those were new since a week ago.

"Over at my parents' house for the night."

Another nod. "I'm not trying to pressure you or anything, but how have things been?"

"You're not pressuring me at all. In fact, you've been more than patient. I appreciate that."

"So you've maŚ."

"I love you," Beecher interrupted. "I always have. Since that first night we talked at the coffee house." He stared at the simple lines on his hands. They must've matched his face now. "This Stranger business, the visitations from Keller. They're over now."

"You talked?"

"Yes. It hardly seemed like Keller, but it was him." He sighed, taking a brief reprieve from being serious. "It was my choice. I chose to move on, to go with you."

"How did he, er, it react?"

"*He* smiled. He knew that was the choice that had to be made." A few tears rolled down his cheeks. "In fact, he helped me make it."

McManus touched his thigh. "I'm so happy that you're better." He smiled earnestly.

"You know, it's strange. All of these things that happened to me." Beecher looked down at his feet, present only in his thoughts. "They've brought me to a certain realization."

"What's that?" McManus asked caressing his hand.

"Tim, I'm gay. I think I always have been." Beecher took a deep breath. The admission appeared to knock the wind out of him.

The unit manager nodded.

"Shit, I know it's just a label. But it's taken me this long to say it out loud." He chuckled. "It took a stretch in prison to drag me, kicking and screaming, out of that closet."

They shared a laugh. McManus faced him, leaned in and kissed him. Properly.

And it felt right.

Right like Genevieve felt right. Right like Keller felt right.

"I want you inside me," McManus said nipping on his lover's ear.

"Okay." The reply wasn't incredibly romantic, but it worked.

Beecher kissed him around the neck and face and worked his hands over McManus' thighs. The unit manager turned and writhed a bit at these motions. His lover's breaths were hot, moist bursts of air against his soft skin.

Lawyer Boy ran his open hand down over the man's blossoming core. He pushed, pulled, massaged and receded. Tim's sex became a raging rocket aching to be freed from its cotton confines.

McManus sucked his mouth in, breaths breaking like Wisteria blooms over a meadow. They kissed, their tongues two passionate extensions, self-aware, engaging every part of their sexuality and spirituality.

Forever this lasted, the infinity of minutes occurring to Beecher again. He worked the man's button-up shirt loose and down off his shoulders with his free hand while the busy hand continued the soft rubs across his eager sex.

He dove in. The soft ribbed wifebeater undershirt covered his dime- sized nipples, but they looked pink and fleshy through the thin material. His chest hair was already wet, beaded with sweat, emitting the manly perfume that Beecher adored. He used his slender, feminine lips to suckle at Tim's sweet nipples, pausing only to use the occasional teeth nip. Enough teeth to entice, to bring the blood rushing to the surface without bruising or breaking flesh. To turn the nipples a bright red, suckable hue without hurting him.

"Ffff. . . ah. . . shit." McManus winced at Beecher's sucking and teething actions. He ran his fingers through the man's dark blond hair. The other hand gripped the arm of the couch.

Unzipped. One simple flipping motion and the lawyer caught hold of McManus' raging sex. He gripped the circumference with his right hand and enveloped the rest of the shaft in his moist adroit mouth. A combination of slurps and jerks worked the man into the most incredible boner he had seen since his teenage explorations.

Beecher stopped for a few seconds to expertly remove the man's trousers and boxers. He returned to jerking the shaft and proceeded to mouth the deeper flesh on his lover. He encircled and teased the man's pear-shaped scrotum. He kissed and taunted the fleshy sack, then nipped and suckled the ridge between the sack and his puckered hole.

The unit manager slipped deeper into ecstasy, able to form only muted sounds with his mouth. Beecher's expert cock handling had turned him into a mute.

Lawyer Boy withdrew, pulled his shirt up and off, revealing his smooth shapely physique. McManus could make out a sexy smile across his face before he dove back down to his core. Beecher threw his lover's legs up and rested them on his slight shoulders. He sucked in a breath and plunged into his lover's hollow.

Twitching and gyrating like a novice, McManus' breaths rose and fell like tidal waves. He concentrated on working his shaft, his red and swollen sex, while Beecher explored his underside.

Beecher stood suddenly and shucked his jeans and boxers to the hardwood floors. A semi-erect cock bounced out. He strutted his naked frame over to the front window, in full view of the neighbors, and closed the blinds.

McManus was still spread out, parallel to the couch, and was surprised when Beecher thrust his cock in his face. "Suck me hard," the lawyer said. His voice was guttural, dirtier somehow.

The unit manager took his cock in the mouth and worked it feverishly. He wasn't the cocksucking professional that Toby had become, but he was learning. Who better to learn from than a former slut who served time in prison? He tongue-bathed and swiped the apparatus, working it up to a straight stiffened member.

Beecher backed out of McManus' mouth slowly, a trail of pre-flow and saliva stretching between cockhead and lips. "You want this in you?" he asked jerking himself. His phallus was swollen, blood-full.

McManus nodded, his core aching for it, puckered and waiting.

The lawyer pushed into him, catching his escaping gasps in a passionate kiss. With each thrust, waves of pain and pleasure gushed throughout his body. Thrusting, withdrawing, thrusting, withdrawing.

His cock plunged deeper and deeper into McManus' body. And each time he threatened to scream out loud, Beecher leaned into him and captured his breath with a kiss. He had eased into him, slowly at first, but finally pushing all the way when he felt the unit manager could take it.


McManus nodded again, regulating his breaths to keep from screaming or passing out altogether. The prick pushed deeper and deeper into him. It hurt, but it was a good hurt. He felt closer to women somehow. Like this penetration brought him closer to the act than ever before. Having someone inside him was the most intimate and intense experience he ever felt.

So tight. Beecher was in heaven. The virgin holes like this were his favorite. He didn't get a chance for much of it in Oz, especially Keller, but he could always tell when he was breaking someone in for the first time. He pushed into the man repeatedly, smoothing his hands over McManus' sweaty, hairy chest, reaching up under his wifebeater to tweak his nipples.

He timed his thrusts to help his partner adjust, carefully pushing and withdrawing. He didn't want any broken skin.

Tim worked his shaft, with Beecher's occasional helping hand, as he was entered again and again. It felt like he could break in two for a moment, but his lover was edging closer to climax.

Release. McManus' raging prick, arrow-straight and aimed at his own body, exploded. His man juice shot like a canon, landing on his face, neck and chest. It collected in great pools about his torso.

Seconds later, Beecher pulled out of him, leaving his hole swollen, puckered, and aching for more. He jerked his cock at breakneck speed, his hips gyrating, anticipating the release.

McManus collected his breaths and sucked the device into his mouth for the finale. He encircled and swiped, teased and sucked the phallus.

Explosion. The lawyer grunted as his ejaculate blew out on his lover. He flipped and tossed his stiff sex around, like a rigid toy, teasing McManus' lips with it. The white-blow trickled, shot and sputtered out, down his hands, down his lover's throat, over his spent body.

It slid down Tim's throat, causing a gagging reaction. A salty taste, saltier than the worst of soups, with a texture that might sicken him if he drank it down too long. But he swallowed the warm bursts and allowed the others to wander down the curves of his face, neck and chest. He allowed the warmth of the cum and the heat of being penetrated soak into his entire being for a few seconds. Beecher slapped his cock around his lover's face some more, until his cock sputtered its last contents.

With a heavy grunting sigh, Beecher collapsed on his lover, smearing their fruits between their two hot bodies. McManus' fur was a sticky, sweaty matted mess. But he was warm, and the lawyer brought his frame up and hugged him, buried his face into the man's smooth shoulders.

Beecher's hot, panting breath bounced off his shoulder, neck and back, sending shivers of pleasure through McManus. He brought his lover's face up to pull him into a kiss again. He practically pulled Lawyer Boy's tongue into his mouth, its hot moisture matching his own.

The lawyer tasted the warmth and salt of his jizz on McManus' breath. It was primal, this taste, and he found himself enjoying a bit more than he probably should.

They collapsed beside each other finally. Energies gone and sexes sleeping.

Beecher watched the breaths rise and fall on the man lying next to him. He felt nothing but love for him. Love and respect. His Tim. His sweet unit manager. He had grown up, accepted the challenge from Toby and met him. The whole way.

They had made a mess of themselves and probably of the couch, if they looked closely enough. He thought back to McManus' words a year ago. `The best part about making messes is getting cleaned up,' he thought.

Silence followed. Nothing but their respective breaths, which grew calmer and calmer.

McManus must have said something, but Beecher wasn't paying attention. "Hmm?"

"I asked you if you knew how lucky I was to find you."

"You call that luck?" he said smiling.

They joined again in a kiss.

McManus looked dazed. "I saw somewhere that couples should complement each other." He sniffed. "Do you think we do that?"

Beecher chuckled. "Have you been reading *Cosmo* or something?"

"No," he laughed in reply. "I've been watching *Oprah*."

"Right." Beecher thought about the question for a few seconds. "We do, sure. And yet so much more. WeŚ." He organized his thoughts. "We complete each other."

"We deserve each other." McManus said.

Beecher rolled his head over, looked at Tim's pale blue eyes. "God, are we fucked."

This made them both laugh.

"Yeah, we're pretty much doomed." McManus laughed some more. "But you know what? I'd rather be doomed with you, right here and now, than anywhere else in the world."

The End.

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