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gh Through the Years
Yearly Summary
Laura's job at the Campus Disco put a strain on her marriage
Luke Spencer was not the only resident of Port Charles immersed in deceit and secrecy. A pregnant Monica struggled to hide the fact that she had slept with Rick from her sister-in-law, Tracy. This became especially difficult after Rick and Monica were forced, under oath, to admit their union while giving a deposition in a malpractice suit. The court papers were sealed, and Tracy (whose own marriage was in shambles after she discovered Mitch in bed with Susan Moore) struggled to get her greedy hands on the elusive document.

Across town, Heather Webber desperately tried to win her son, Steven Lars, away from Diana Taylor by driving her insane! Increasingly, Diana grew more dependent on -- who else -- Heather! In one final diabolical move designed to destroy Diana, Heather purchased LSD and planned to give it to Diana. Heather placed the LSD into a glass of iced tea, but little P.J. mixed up the two glasses. By mistake, Heather drank the LSD and began to wildly hallucinate. Jeff had no choice but to ship his wife to Pine Circle Sanitarium.

In the aftermath, Jeff grew close to his roommate Joe Kelly, who had fallen in love with a virginal nurse, "Annie" Logan. Annie, who was Audrey's niece and a registered nurse, had recently adopted an orphaned child prodigy, Jeremy Hewitt.

In a shocking revelation, Dr. Peter Taylor learned from Heather's mother, Alice, that Steven Lars was actually PJ! When Peter suffered a heart attack and died, the news remained secret. Diana, going through Peter's old clothes, found the fateful note he wrote only moments before he died -- "PJ is Steven Lars." Out of her shock, she realized she could lose the child she loved so dearly. That is, unless she married Jeff Webber. Then they would both have what they want -- PJ and Steven Lars!

During a fierce storm, Lesley was forced to deliver Monica's premature boy. During the emergency delivery, a near-delirious Monica, believing that she was dying, muttered aloud that Rick was the father of her child! Lesley, in a state of silent shock, rode along to the hospital with Monica. Rick and Lesley separated, but remained close.

Rick sensed that Monica was lying when she said that Alan was the baby's father. Rick waited for Monica to admit that the child was his. The twist to this tale was that Monica herself did not remember her confession to Lesley during labor! Only Lesley and Rick knew of Monica's son's paternity. More than anyone, Tracy Quartermaine wanted to prove that Monica's baby was fathered by Rick. If the baby was Rick's, then greedy Tracy's son Ned would be first in line to inherit Edward Quartermaine's vast fortune!


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