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    Japanese OP #1

    Length of Japanese version:  1 minute 27 seconds
    Length of American version:  58 seconds
    Japanese Song:  "Mezase Pokemon Master"
    American Song:  "Pokemon Theme"

    The first American intro takes clips from both the original Japanese opening and from various episode clips to create the show's first season opening.  Here it is, bit by bit, the differences between the American OP #1 and the Japanese OP #1.  All clips from the Japanese version are in the first column, in order, and all clips from the American version are in the second column, also in order.  I reused the Japanese screenshots for the American column to cut down on the time this page will take to load, so for the American version all the Japanese writing is gone.

    Japanese Intro #1
    American Intro #1

    It starts with all the gym badges coming together in a circle... 

    The first glimpse of the animated Myuutsu for both Americans and Japanese.

    And now they're in a circle...

    Ash looking up

    Here's the title coming in...

    Random episode clip #1

    And here it is.  In most Japanese shows, the title of the show is at the beginning of the opening instead of at the end.

    Random episode clip #2.  This into has a lot of those, even more than the second American OP, "Pokemon World."

    A new pokemon shows up with each "naka"

    Caught Fushigidane

    Taihen dakedo...

    Scene from Caterpie episode, I think

    Zooming in on Satoshi and Pikachu on a field.

    They're running!

    Pikachu twitches its ears here

    And Moltres isn't shown!

    It's raining!  A very pretty, but short, scene.

    More random episode clips...

    Random campfire scene

    The Poniita jumps and the camera goes higher...


    and higher...

    Ash, Misty, and (coming up soon) Brock

    and higher...

    Team Rocket!


    Your rival, Gary

    And it even goes up into space!

    Pikachu running under girls' skirts...

    Satoshi raises a Monsterball with each arm as the song comes to a close.

    Another sound effect!  This time, it's of Charizard's fire.

    Backs away into the background...

    Here it comes...

    And it's done.  This picture shrinks away like the last picture at the end of each episode (when it says TO BE CONTINUED)

    The crappy American logo!  This is the only scene not taken from the original OP or from episode clips (4Kids did it all themselves)

    Back to episode comparisons...


    Pocket Monsters was not created by me.  It was created by Satoshi Tajiri and the crew at TV-Tokyo.  Pokemon is (c) Game Freak, Nintendo, 4Kids Productions, Hasbro, Bandai, and a ton of other companies. When you have a popular anime like Pokemon, lots of people own it so it's impossible to list every company who owns a piece of Pokemon.  No infringement of copyrights is meant by the creation of the web site.  All images were gotten from official websites (Nintendo, TV-Tokyo, etc.).