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I got so annoyed with all the un-usable screen rulers out there that I've written my own. It's really easy to use; you can drag it around the screen, measuring inside and outside objects just like a real set of calipers. You can change the colours, flip and nudge it around from the keyboard. The readout gives the absolute pixel distance that you are measuring. It runs on Windows NT/98/95/2000, and there's no setup, just unzip it, it's only 136K.

Oh, and it's totally free because I'm nice. (I'm going to be incorporating it into a tools suite for Web development at some point, and I'll charge for that). The Calipers are freeware which means that you may use and copy the Calipers to your friends on an informal basis to your heart's content. Distribution of the Calipers for free or profit whether on a CD or web site may only be done after receiving written permission. Basically, I'm happy for you to link to my site, but don't put the Calipers on your site.

I'm currently developing version 2.0 of the Calipers which will be availible in a few weeks. New features will include System tray controls and a redesigned interface which will support bitmap images. The interface will be skinnable (as WinAmp is) meaning that anyone can create a new interface for the calipers. The new calipers will support switching units. Currently the Calipers measure in pixels, but you can convert using the equasions below.

Inches = Pixels/96

Centimeters = Pixels*254/9600

See examples of the calipers in action.

Read what people are talking about.

Known bugs.

Download V1.0 Now!

- Over 20,000 others have!

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