Located in Couvet, in the valley of Travers - canton of Neuchatel, is one of the larger employers of the region.
Couvet is 1/2 hour away from Neuchatel, one hour from Berne, and 2 hours from Zurich or Geneva.
It is the part of Switzerland where high precision mechanics has a long tradition and where famous watch brands, high precision machine tools makers and miccroelectronics firms have their home.

is a shareholding corporation with a capital of CHF 2'000'000. Paul André Wirth and Franklin Niedrig are the major shareholders with 87,5%. The remaining 12,5% are held by active and retired employees. Sales accounted to CHF 12'000'000 in 1997.
Cycling components, components for shutters and blinds, and subcontracting contribute to this ammount by each 1/3. Capital structure is sound. Equity is higher than 60%.

was founded in 1988 as successor of Dubied (est.1867) in the field of general mechanics. assures after sales service for the thousands of Dubied lathes around the world, but does not deal with the knitting machine business of former Dubied.
was taken over by the actual majority shareholders in October 1995.
Mechanical activities have a long tradition:
· The first bicycle parts were made in 1900.
· Subcontracting activities started in 1920.
· Components for shutters and blinds were introduced in 1965.
Most employees have long working experience with the company. This is one of the reasons for the absolute mastering of high precision mechanics on which bases its competitivity.

After the takeover, undergoes a modernisation of structure. Product centers with P/L responsability have been established and production is been currently decentralized. employs 100 persons.

Paul-André Wirth

Franklin F. Niedrig

is a corporation that develops, machines, assembles and sells high precision products in the field of cycles (bicycles, wheelchairs), shutters and blinds, and does subcontracting for civil and military products. is ISO 9002 certified.

Main products:
Hubs for wheelchairs (standard hubs, competition hubs and multifunctional hubs with advanced features)Hubs and other components for bicycles.
Spoke nipples for cycle wheels.
Handles, transmissions and gears for shutters and blinds.
Machining of parts for the automotive industry, textile industry, machine industry as well as for military applications.
continously applies for patents in order to secure its technological advance.

40% of production is exported to Europe and USA.

engineering sa
rue Pierre Dubied 20
CH-2108 Couvet/NE

Tel: +41 32 863 40 30
Fax: +41 32 863 33 92
E-mail: sales@edco.ch
Internet: www.edco.ch