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DTP Topsites v2.1.2

Current Price: USD $49.95 Click to Order Online!

See the script in action
Demo Installation Panel


- Cookie Based Anti-Cheat system
- Mail All Members
- Easy Webbased Installation Demo
- Easy to configure
- Admin Area for deleting and e-mailing members
- View to Vote ranking, counts pageviews of members, not clicks
- Improved Performance/stablity/recource usage
- Movment Arrows
- Graphical Stats (GIFGraph Required)
- Template Based Configuration
- Easy to configure
- Ranking Banners (shows members rank on banner)
- Lost Code, Lost ID generators
- Creates new pages and links as needed
- Practicaly runs its self

Current Price: USD $49.95 Order Now!

What you need

- Unix, Linux or clone.
- Perl 5
- Banner Images

What you get

- Download Account to access the software and updates.
- One site Licence to use the software
- 7 Days Support via e-mail to support@animelab.com
- Free Upgrades till version 2.9.9

DTP Topsites v2.1.2 Installation/Upgrade
Upload install.cgi and topsites.dat
chmod 755 install.cgi and 777 to the directory its in
Run install.cgi in a browser and fill out the configuration.
Delete, install.cgi, setup.cgi and topsites.dat. (The script will try to remove them its self)
Upload your banners into /img as described below
Edit template.html and template2.html to your liking
Congratulations you just installed DTP Topsites v2.1.2

Banner Images

Our topsites script uses numbered buttons or banners, you can define how many images are used
The images should like;
default.gif - this will be shown if the member is not high enough to have a numbered banner.
1.gif - with the number 1 somewhere on the button
2.gif - with the number 2 somewhere on the button
3.gif - with the number 3 somewhere on the button
and so on untill you reach the desired amount.

Bug Fixes - Changes

Here is a recent list of bug fixes for this version.

Rare Installation Problems - Fixed
Cant Access Admin Panel - Fixed
HTML - Users could enter HTML in information - Fixed
Removed PW directory for admin. Now uses cookies - New Feature
Added Arrows - New Feature
Added Graphs - New Feature
Modifyed FF Database Handling - Improved


1) How easy is the script to install?
a) Very, most of the installation is webbased. Want to see what you have to do there? then Click here to access the Demo Installation Panel

2) The topsites program counts the hits to the members sites, not the amount of time clicks on the button right?
a) Yes, the system is designed to count the pageviews to each members site and keep a 5 day backlog which is added together and devided by 5 to calculate the average pageviews a day each site gets. Think of it as a large scale counter script :)

3) The member ranking images automatically changes as they go up and down the ladder right?
a) Yes, that is an option, as described above in Banner Images.

Current Price: USD $49.95 Order Now!

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