Legbrace (Caliper) Fascination

Updated April 22nd 2001

Novels, India and Terms pages updated.

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These pages explore the fascination some people have for orthopaedic legbraces (also known as calipers, callipers, AFOs, KAFOs, HKAFOs, splints or irons). Psychologists have termed this fascination "abasiophilia".

Is it that unusual? Is it sexual? Is it a fetish? Is it something imprinted in childhood? Is it more common in men or women? Read on, find out more and make up your own mind.

E-mails and guestbook postings on this subject are welcomed. Only by discussing it openly can we begin to understand it, and ourselves.

Legbrace images can readily be found on sites such as eGroup legbraces-devotees so are not generally included here unless for some purpose of illustration.



Common traits shared by many legbrace devotees/wannabes.

Studies   What psychologists have to say about devotees and wannabes.



Some explanation of terms used e.g. devotee, KAFO?


Poll results on devotee demographics.


Books about disability and orthopaedic appliances.


Some facts about polio in India.

Reading   A bibliography on the subject of devotees and wannabes.



What led me to write this page.


  Feedback from the 1998 survey.
Novels   Legbraces in literature.



Legbraces in the cinema and on video.

Arts   Legbraces in famous works of art.



Some critical feedback from someone with polio.



Some suggestions for considerate devotee behaviour.

Charities   Charities we might care to support.
Links   Internet sites providing further information.
EGroup   Legbrace devotee EGroup with over 1800 members.
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