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Pennant Fever Hits The MLBTM Showdown 2000 Card Game With First Expansion Set

July 27, 2000 (Renton, Wash.)--Kids and baseball fans alike will be able to build a complete and updated Major League Baseball® "dream team" with the MLBTM Showdown 2000TM: Pennant RunTM expansion set, scheduled for release August 14, 2000. Pennant Run set is the first expansion for the MLBTM Showdown 2000 card game, a multidimensional card game that combines collecting, baseball tactics and fantasy baseball all in one game.

Developed by Wizards of the Coast Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro Inc. (NYSE:HAS), the MLBTM Showdown 2000: Pennant Run expansion features all-star players in their new uniforms, power hitters, rookie sensations, ace pitchers and new strategy cards that simulate authentic MLBTM play.

"The Pennant Run expansion gives MLBTM Showdown players the opportunity to build their own team using the latest updated player cards, such as Ken Griffey Jr. featured in his new Cincinnati Reds uniform," said Mark Gwyther, brand manager for the MLBTM Showdown 2000 card game at Wizards of the Coast. "As 'managers' and 'owners' of their own MLBTM Showdown franchises, kids and baseball fans alike can make trades and acquire top-talented MLBTM players to create winning lineups right before the pennant run. It's realistic Major League Baseball at its best."

The MLBTM Showdown: Pennant Run expansion is scheduled to be in hobby, retail and other selected stores in the U.S. on August 7. The cards will be available in nine-card booster packs, each containing seven player cards and two strategy cards. The Pennant Run expansion features a total of 175 new cards comprised of 130 regular players, 20 premium players and 25 new strategy cards. The booster packs will retail for $2.99.

Wizards of the Coast first launched the MLBTM Showdown 2000 Starter Set on April 24, 2000. Since then, the card game has been selling out fast across the U.S. The MLBTM Showdown card game is licensed by Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association.

Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro, is the worldwide market share leader in the trading card game and tabletop roleplaying game categories. A leading developer and publisher of game-based entertainment products, as well as the owner and operator of one of the nation's largest specialty game retail chains, the company holds an exclusive patent on the method of playing trading card games (TCGs) and produces the world's best-selling PokémonTM* and Magic: The Gathering® TCGs. Publisher of adventure games, family card and board games and electronic media products, Wizards of the Coast is also one of the world's leading fantasy and science fiction book publishers. Headquartered near Seattle, Washington, Wizards of the Coast has international offices in Antwerp, Paris, Milan, London and Beijing. For more information on Wizards of the Coast, visit the company's website and electronic retail store at

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