Its a play on words, see? I knew you'd be impressed.

And now its time for.....

...a free RPG that you can download now. However, it is unfinished, but the idea is that people download it and use it, and E-mail back to me any additions/changes they use, so others can implement them. That way it will grow until it is complete. And this bit is in italics for emphasis.


The bare bones of this RPG were originally written by me (Stephen Smith) over a year before I had even heard of the Internet. I had just written it as something to do, during a phase where I was writing RPG's left right and centre. It was an idea that I had on the spur of the moment (like most of them), and I quickly wrote down everything I could think off that could be construed as RPG-like.

I have been writing small RPG's for years, always intending to send them of somewhere and make pots of money. Unfortunately I never managed to get anywhere near to completing any of them to a playable stage, but hopefully things will now change (the completing them bit, not the money bit ;-) ).

Once I had heard of the Internet, I re-discovered the original document, added quite a bit to it, and this is what you are reading now.

To put it bluntly, this is a parody of the well-known RPG "Marvel (tm, natch) Super-Heroes". It is the unfinished `bare bones` of a game, but it should be able to provide the basic rules for a good RPG without much extra work as it stands at the moment, provided that at least the GM and some of the players have played several RPG`s before and know the general "gist" of what to do. These rules do not contain any of the "What is an RPG" bits, for example (yet - if someone writes them). If anybody feels that something important is missing, then please let me know so that it can be added immediately. And then write it.


The general idea is that people will download this RPG periodically. They can then write a paragraph or section that seems to be missing from the rules, or think of more ideas and adventures for the game. If you then email this to me, and I will add it to the document. Alternatively (or both) you can play a game using these rules, and where something is missing, or the rules contradict themselves, make it up as you go along. And then email me with what you have made up. Once I've battled my terminal laziness I'll get round to adding it formally to the other words I affectionately call "The RPG".

Eventually this will become a fully fledged complete RPG with rules for every aspect, which is available to anybody who wants it. This way it is being continually improved and added to, and also entirely free. I am not be the `owner` of this RPG. I will just be the co-ordinator of it. It could be called `Public Domain RPG`, and everybody is free to have a copy, and anybody is free to give them one.

Yes, please feel free to distribute this Role Playing Game to whoever you please. Whether they want it or not. But please keep it in it's entirety, and make sure my name is plastered all over it (I only want the fame - tell your grand-children you met me!).

If you have any questions or comments then do not hesitate to post them to me (


This RPG is split into seven separate documents. Just click on the section you want:-

PART 1 - INTRODUCTION - This document, the background and story so far.
PART 2 - THE PLAYERS RULES - All the rules that the players will need.
PART 3 - THE SUPER HERO RULES - The particular rules for the super-hero types.
PART 4 - WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT - Rules for all the objects in the game.
PART 5 - THE GAMES MASTER'S RULES - All the rules that the GM's will need.
PART 6 - THE ADVENTURE IDEAS - Just ideas for creating your own adventures.
PART 7 - PRE-DEFINED NPC'S - These are pre-defined NPC's for use in your adventures.


At the moment, this is just the bare bones of an RPG. Please do not expect a complete document with rules for every aspect. It is still a long way away from becoming that. At the moment it is still just something to work on! PLEASE DON`T BE DISAPPOINTED!

Stephen Smith