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Last updated:
16 Feb 2001

A good coven is merely a group of solitaries working with one goal."*

Blessings on you and welcome to the homepage of The Coven Of The Far Flung Net, a virtual coven in the Universal Eclectic Wiccan Tradition. Established originally in January, 1998 CE, CFFN was one of the first, if not THE first virtual coven, and is still providing free education in the Wiccan religion into the 21st century. This goal is accomplished through online lessons, carefully designed to strengthen your skills and knowledge of the Wiccan Faith. CFFN is a fully chartered teaching coven of The Church of Universal Eclectic Wicca with the ability to convey certification up to completion of the second circle.

Learning is not a passive experience! While you are welcome to read through the lessons, your education through this coven increases tenfold if you actively participate. Active participation requires membership in CFFN, and that membership is gained by achieving the First Circle of Universal Eclectic Wicca. This accomplishment can be achieved either through an accredited UEW instructor, or by completing the "First Circle Paper" described on the next page.

Universal Eclectic Wicca is an organized tradition of highly individualized solitary practice with a set of standardized rituals that we use for large group gatherings. Most UEW Covens operate on a "group of solitaries" system, in which the majority of rituals are performed by solitaries or family-units, but large rituals and holidays are observed with a group. UEW is practiced both by solitaries and covens, and membership in a coven is not required to advance within the Circle, but study is.

One of the criticisms of a degree-system is that it creates a rigid hierarchy and encourages "clique" behavior, but UEW divides its students into degrees, called circles, for the simple purpose of reducing redundancy. Put simply, it is not acceptable for a group to be required to stop and explain basic ritual details to a newcomer during every ritual. UEW divides people into circles based on what they know, and often, what they know is a lot. This system also allows people to specialize in their teaching ability. For instance, Phoenix, one of the clergy people associated with this page, is an awesome teacher for First circle students, whereas Kaatryn, CFFN's priestess, tends to teach more Second and Third circle students because she can get...well, technical, at times.

The Circles of UEW are described below. This virtual coven allows one to complete the First and Second circles online.

#1:Pre-First Circle
#2:First Circle
#3:Second Circle
#4:Third Circle

PRE-FIRST CIRCLE: You are probably here. Anyone who hasn't proven their knowledge of the Affirmation of Acknowledgment and the Five Points of Wiccan Belief (both appear on the next page) is a member of this "circle" (OKAY, so it's not really a circle, It's a pseudocircle, but humour me, here.)

THE FIRST CIRCLE: After you've proven that you know the Five Points and have at least agreed to attempt to uphold the Affirmation of Acknowledgement, you're a member of the First Circle. In the First Circle, we discuss the details of the Wiccan "faith" (The reasons why we UEWiccans do what we do.) We discuss the concepts of divinity, and afterlife, and the reasons behind the components of ritual.

THE SECOND CIRCLE: At the end of the First Circle, you are told to answer a "simple" question... "Who are you and what do you bring to Wicca as a whole?" This is harder than it looks! In the second circle we get deeper into the practices of Wicca, the wheel of the year, etc. Most of the UEWiccans out there remain within the Second Circle. Lay Ministers, Coven leaders (unordained clergy) and teachers of the Second Circle sign a document called The Oath of Practice that allows them to legally teach UEW. Unlike several less-thought out traditions in which becoming a priest(ess) is considered the inevitable conclusion of any length of study, and those who have studied years without achieving the title are considered less for it, in UEW we actually realize that not every Wiccan student can drop his/her real life and begin a contemplative life!!! NO REAL MEMBER OF UEW will ever consider you less of a person for being a member of the Second Circle instead of the Third.

THE THIRD CIRCLE: The Third Circle is a life dedication to Wicca. This means that your career, life and meaning centers around your religion. There are "paths" within the Thrid Circle, different ways that you can express your dedication to your choosen way of life, but the Third Circle is not for most people. It is a contemplative lifestyle, a calling that not everyone hears. Entry into the Third Circle is based on making a unique contribution to Wicca as a whole. This contribution should take no less than one year to complete and must be reviewed by a Third Circle member of your choosen path or an ordained Priest(ess) of UEW.

If this long diatribe hasn't turned you off completely to the concept of a virtual coven, click the "continue" below to go on to the first assignment. It is stongly recommended that you not skim over this or the next page, because a complete understanding of the assignment will be more likely to lead to its successful completion:


*CFFN founder and Priestess, Kaatryn MacMorgan

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Coven of the Far Flung Net is a Chartered Teaching Coven of CUEW chartered in 1997, established on the net in January 1998

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