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epixtech, Inc. is associated with the most progressive and dedicated hardware vendors in the industry.

Refer to the links for vendor information on epixtech products. Please note that on a number of our products, more than one specific vendor may be involved.

3M http://www.3m.com/library
3M and epixtech partner in the area of self check-in / check-out systems for libraries.
Ai SQUARED http://www.aisquared.com
epixtech’s ADA product “ZoomText Xtra”.
APC http://www.apc.com
Manufacture of Smart-UPS and Smart-UPS XL systems.
CABLE LINK http://www.cablelink.com
One of the many cable company providers with whom epixtech maintains a working relationship.
CHANNEL ACCESS http://www.channelaccess.com
Supplier of Telephony products for TeleCirc II.
DELL http://www.dell.com
epixtech’s primary supplier of Intel based workstations and servers.
EDIFY http://www.edify.com
Premier partner of products for Telecirc II.
EPSON http://pos.epson.com
Supplier of thermal and impact receipt printers.
FLAGSHIP TECHNOLOGIES http://www.flagshiptech.com
Supplier of refurbished IBM servers and parts.
GATES ARROW http://www.gatesarrow.com
One of epixtech’s distribution channel companies.
HP http://www.hp.com
Manufacture of a complete line of servers based on HP-UX.
IBM http://www.ibm.com
Manufacture of a complete line of servers based on AIX.
INGRAM MICRO http://www.ingrammicro.com
One of epixtech’s distribution channel companies.
INTEL http://www.intel.com
World’s premier provider of microprocessors.
INTERMEC http://corp.intermec.com
Supplier of wands and scanners.
LERNOUT AND HAUSPIE http://www.lhs.com
Supplier of “RealSpeak” contained in TeleCirc II R2.
LIEBERT http://www.liebert.com
Primary supplier of UPS services for epixtech Inc.
MICROSOFT CORPORATION http://www.microsoft.com
Supplier of W95, W98, NT and Windows 2000 Operating Systems.
NATURAL MICROSYSTEMS http://www.nmss.com
One of the world’s largest manufacture of telephony cards. Used in Telecirc II products.
OMNIPRINT http://www.omniprint.com
Supplier of both thermal and impact receipt printers.
PANASONIC http://www.panasonic.com
Manufacture of small and wide carriage dot-matrix printers.
PERCON http://www.percon.com
Supplier of barcode wands, scanners and portable collection devices.
SUN MICROSYSTEMS http://www.sun.com
Manufacture of a complete line of servers based on Solaris.
TALLY http://www.tally.com
Primary manufacture and supplier of system printers.
TECH DATA http://www.techdata.com
One of epixtech’s distribution channel companies.
TELXON http://www.telxon.com
Manufacture of portable collection devices.
WYSE CCORPORATION http://www.wyse.com
Manufacture of terminals and WinTerm thin-clients.
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