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Tentative Flight Path on 1/5/2000 of a large, low flying, triangular unidentified flying object.

The eight eyewitnesses whose testimonies are shown in this report point to a flight path of a large triangular shaped object that crossed the coast from Lake Michigan just North of Chicago, Illinois, arriving from the northeast and heading southwest at 10:00�:30 pm on the night of January 4, 2000. The majority of the eyewitnesses reported that the object was approximately 80�0 yards long, it was flying at between 1000 and 2000 feet altitude. The object was displaying extremely bright lights and was flying slowly, estimates at half the speed of a C-5 coming into land.

The object was first sighted by a businessman just North of Chicago, IL at between 10:00�:30 pm on the night of January 4, 2000. The next sighting placed it just north east of Highland, IL approximately 6 hours later, at 4:00 am on January 5, 2000, on the same flight path, still coming from the Northeast and heading southwest. The craft was then observed at Lebanon and Shiloh, IL and it may have changed it's course, heading briefly northwest and then resuming its southwesterly course. The change in course may possibly have been designed to avoid Scott Air Force base, but this is speculation. It was then sighted at Millstadt still at very low altitude at about 4:30 am on the morning of January 5. Almost immediately southwest of Millstadt, it suddenly gained altitude to about 10,000 feet altitude, and was sighted at 10,000 feet by the police officer at Dupo. It turned north and then briefly east, still at approximately 10,000 feet. It was sighted within a few miles of Dupo at 6:50 am, still at about 10,000 by a schoolteacher on his way to work. Unusually, the craft may have remained in the Dupo area for about two hours.

Therefore, the eyewitness testimony suggests that the total flight time of the object was just under nine hours, originally sighted coming in from Lake Michigan and last seen a few miles from Dupo, IL. The evidence suggests that this flight time may be longer, that it traveled extremely slowly for an aircraft for most of that time. Further, the evidence suggests that the craft was making no attempt to be stealthy. All eight eyewitnesses described the lights as "very bright" to "blinding." It flew at altitudes ranging from about 1000�00 feet for much of its flight path, but rapidly gained altitude somewhere Southwest of Millstadt, gaining at least 9,000 feet in a matter of five minutes.

Several more eyewitnesses are currently being interviewed.

Home > NIDS Research > Illinois UFO Sighting Report Table of Contents