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A retired U.S. Air Force officer with extensive experience in developmental aircraft in both the military and civilian sector suggested the object was a B-2 Spirit bomber. His suggestion was based on several factors. The general outline of the object does fit the “arrow head” design. The object was described as being “as big as a football field.” The B-2 has a wingspan of 172 feet which is over half a football field and it is well known that estimating the size of an object in the sky at night is very difficult. However, when Witness 8 (see transcript) was specifically asked if the object seen resembled a B-2 aircraft, his reply was in the negative.

The former officer also noted that the location of the observations were near St. Louis which is about 200 miles due east of Whiteman Air Force Base, Missouri. Whiteman is the base that contains all of the B-2 bombers in the fleet. He noted that the speed can vary a great deal and that with its flaps down it can fly quite slowly. Further, the B-2 has three lights that are retracted when going into a stealth mode. If flying low on Visual Flight Rules (VFR) they might well rely on lights for collision avoidance. Since they were below 18,000 feet they would not necessarily be under FAA control.

However, a check of the flight records at the 509th Wing at Whiteman AFB indicated that none of the B-2s was flying at that time. Since this is the only B-2 base in the country, the possibility that the observers misidentified a B-2 is highly unlikely.


Home > NIDS Research > Illinois UFO Sighting Report Table of Contents