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WITNESS #1 appeared at his business at approximately 4:00am on 1/5/00 to check to make sure nothing had frozen. As he got out of his truck he noticed what appeared to be a star in the northeastern sky. He went into his business and returned to his truck a short time later and again observed the “star.” He thought to himself that the star was to low on the horizon to be a star so he looked at it and it appeared to be moving toward him and that it was not a star. As the object got closer to him he noticed many red lights shining down. The object appeared to be two to three stories high just like a house, with many windows and a very bright light on the inside. It was moving very slowly. There was no noise. It passed near him moving in a southwesterly direction. As it passed, he saw if from the rear and commented that from the rear the light was dimmer. When first observed the object was approximately a mile away and it moved in a northeast to southwest path and passed him just to the south of his location just above tree level. He described the object as a floating three-story house about the size of a football field. There was a bright light to the front of it like a headlight showing where it was going. There were no physical traces and the object was completely silent. He observed no other flying objects in the air during his five minute sighting. WITNESS #1 has no previous UFO experience.

He thought that no one would believe what he saw so he got in his truck and went to the local police department. He told the dispatcher what he saw and requested that she notify the next community in the path of the object to determine if they could see it.

The police dispatcher notified the Central Dispatcher from St. Clair County who in turn notified the Lebanon Police Department of the sighting.

Home > NIDS Research > Illinois UFO Sighting Report Table of Contents