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Grace Driscoll

Occupation: Mom

Spouse: Mark

Children: Ashley, Zachariah

Education: B.A. in Public Relations/Communications, with a minor in Technical English

Role as deacon: Hospitality Committee leader

How you became involved with Mars Hill: I came with Mark. :) Since submission is the key to marriage, I thought it would be good for me to attend and be active in the same church as my husband.

Hobbies/interests: Being a mom, skiing (water and snow), movies, theater, cooking/baking, administrative stuff.

Favorite author: Ken Gire, Dan Allender, Donald S. Whitney, Jerry Bridges, the Apostle Paul (Romans)

Hope/vision for Mars Hill: To participate in and see tons of young people experience a relationship with God. To broaden the fundamentalist mind-set without compromising God 's will for each of us.

Anything else: Growing up as a pastor's kid and now a pastor's wife, I have learned a lot in my view of who God is and what "church" is. I love the Mars Hill family and hope to get to know even more people who want to participate in the family too.

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