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Witness 5's wife works as an emergency medical technician and was monitoring the police dispatch from the St. Clair PD shortly after 4:00 am on the morning of 1/5/2000. Both of them heard the officers in Lebanon discussing the sighting of an unusual object, so witness 5 decided to take a look outside. He thinks it was about 4:30 am when he walked out into his backyard and looked up. He immediately noticed a very large craft that had just gone over his house, heading west. It was huge and was moving very slowly, about the speed of a C-5 cargo airplane coming in to land.

Witness 5 estimated that the craft was about 1000 feet in altitude and about 800 feet away from him. His estimate of size was about two to three times as big as a C-5 cargo plane. (A C-5 cargo plane is 247 feet, ten inches long, which puts the craft, according to this estimate, at between 496 and 744 feet long). It appeared to have a boomerang shape, although the eyewitness said that most of the time his vision was obscured by the lights emanating from it. He watched the craft for about two minutes.

Witness 5 said that the craft emitted a low noise like a well-tuned V-8 car engine as heard from a distance of about 40 feet.

Home > NIDS Research > Illinois UFO Sighting Report Table of Contents