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   Lat/Long: 35-21-26.292N / 096-56-34.182W
             (35.3573033 / -96.9428283)
  Elevation: 1073 ft. / 327.1 m (surveyed) 
  Variation: 06E (2000) 
  From city: 2 miles NW of SHAWNEE, OK 

Airport Operations

      Facility use: Open to the public 
   Sectional chart: DALLAS-FT WORTH  BUY IT NOW
     Control tower: no 
   NOTAMs facility: SNL (NOTAM-D service available) 
        Attendance: 0730-1800 
    Wind indicator: lighted 
  Segmented circle: yes 
            Lights: DUSK-DAWN
                    MIRL RY 17/35 PRESET LOW INTST; TO INCR INTST ACTVT -
            Beacon: white-green (lighted land airport) 
       Landing fee: no 
      FAR Part 139: not certified under FAR Part 139 

Airport Communications

     CTAF: 122.7 
   UNICOM: 122.7 
WX AWOS-3: 118.275 (405-878-1745) 

Nearby radio navigation aids

  VOR radial/distance                 VOR name   Freq   Var
  -------------------  -----------------------  ------  ---
  TIKr096/21.9                   TINKER VORTAC  115.80  07E
  IRWr083/32.6              WILL ROGERS VORTAC  114.10  07E
  ADHr332/35.9                     ADA VOR/DME  117.80  06E
  PWAr099/36.0              WILEY POST VOR/DME  113.40  08E

  NDB name                    Hdg/Dist  Freq  Var  ID
  --------------------------  --------  ----  ---  -------------------
  SUYBE                       174/5.6    264  06E  HN   .... -.
  SEMINOLE                    285/14.1   278  06E  SRE  ... .-. .
  PRAGUE                      223/14.5   314  06E  GGU  --. --. ..-
  TILGHMAN                    189/22.7   396  06E  CQB  -.-. --.- -...
  NORMAN                      068/27.3   260  07E  OUN  --- ..- -.
  HOLDENVILLE                 296/30.7   411  06E  HDL  .... -.. .-..
  CUSHING                     188/33.0   242  06E  CUH  -.-. ..- ....
  BRISTOW                     220/35.4   251  06E  TZO  - --.. ---
  LOGAN COUNTY                135/37.3   326  07E  LCY  .-.. -.-. -.--

Airport Services

      Fuel available: 100LL JET-A
                      FOR FUEL AFT HRS CALL 405-275-4388 OR PAGER
             Parking: hangars and tiedowns 
    Airframe service: MINOR 
  Powerplant service: MINOR 
      Bottled oxygen: NONE 
         Bulk oxygen: NONE 
      Other services: charter flights, flight instruction, aircraft
                      rental, aerial surveying 

Runway Information

Runway 17/35

                    Dimensions: 6000 x 100 ft. / 1829 x 30 m
                       Surface: asphalt, in good condition 
            Weight limitations: Single wheel: 30000 lbs
                                Double wheel: 40000 lbs
                                Double tandem: 60000 lbs 
            Runway edge lights: medium intensity 
                                RUNWAY 17                RUNWAY 35
               Traffic pattern: right                    left
                Runway heading: 174 magnetic, 180 true   354 magnetic, 360 true 
                      Markings: nonprecision instrument  nonprecision instrument 
            Markings condition: good                     good 
                      Latitude: 35-21-55.962N            35-20-56.621N 
                     Longitude: 096-56-34.182W           096-56-34.144W 
                     Elevation: 1068.5 ft.               1068.3 ft. 
     Threshold crossing height: 47 ft. AGL               47 ft. AGL 
       Visual glide path angle: 3.00 degrees             3.00 degrees 
        Visual slope indicator: 4-light PAPI on left     4-light PAPI on left 
               Approach lights: MALSR: 1,400 foot        
                                medium intensity         
                                approach lighting        
                                system with runway       
                                alignment indicator      
                                MALSR OTS INDEFLY.       
  Runway end identifier lights: yes                      yes 
           Instrument approach: ILS                      
           Displaced threshold: no                       no 
               TOUCHDOWN POINT: yes                      yes 
                   TD latitude: 35-21-36.624N            
                  TD longitude: 096-56-34.193W           
                  TD elevation: 1073.0 ft.               1068.0 ft. 
                  Obstructions:                          TREES 

Airport Inspection

      Inspected by: State of Oklahoma aeronautical personnel
   Last inspection: 13 January 2000
Federal agreements: - National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems (NPIAS)
                    - Grant agreements under FAAP/ADAP/AIP
                    - Surplus property agreement under Regulation 16-WAA
                    - Assurances pursuant to Title VI, Civil Rights Act of 1964
                    - AP-4 agreement under DLAND or DCLA has expired

Airport Operational Statistics

    Aircraft based on the field: 41      Aircraft operations: average 108/day
        Single engine airplanes: 34            76% local general aviation    
         Multi engine airplanes:  1            23% transient general aviation
                  Jet airplanes:  1             1% air taxi                  
                    Helicopters:  5            <1% military                  


RY 17/35 HEAVES NORTH 2000 FT.

Services or Facilities at this Airport

Business NameContactServicesComments
Air Flite[www][email]Fuel, Passenger terminal and lounge, Aircraft sales/leasing/brokerage
Higgins AviationAircraft painting

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Fuel Prices

FBOBrand100LLJet A DateDiscounts
Air FlitePhillips 66$2.25$2.45 04 Dec 2000

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