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Leavers from the 1950s

Terence Chapman (1948-54)mehrtens@chapmans66.freeserve.co.uk
After many years in the Civil Service I am now retired and live in Worthing, West Sussex.
Colin Hall (Howe, 1946-53) colinhallmarketing@btinternet.com
Self employed consultant in the building services industry, I have been a member of the OEA since leaving school, where I had the privilege of knowing Cyril Broom, Charles Hill, 'Pump' Capt. Hipkins, Taffy Neath DFC among others. Now Vice President of the OEA I am wondering why so many distinguished former pupils are not members of their club. For details of how to join, the benefits and forthcoming events, check out the Old Emanuel Association page on this site.
John Leech (1953 - 1960) JLeech1336@aol.com
I left to join Ford Motor Co where I studied metallurgy for 5 years before receiving my B Sc. I continued working for Ford until 1991 when I semi-retired and now work approx 3 days a week as a consultant. I remember the rugby most ,with Jack Cudden and Taffy Neath - all the old boys PFW Edwards,Charlie Larkum, P.J. Lewis, Tony Sweetsur,Clive Bruton etc. Please can you put a note in the 50s leavers for me!
Ian S. Lunn (1949-57) islunn@telusplanet.net or Ian_S_Lunn@email.mobil.com
After Emanuel and Imperial College joined Mobil in Canada and thence into International Oil & Gas Exploration and Production. Now resident in Calgary as "guru" for major construction projects, particularly offshore. Applaud decision to go " Co-Ed" and congratulations to new Headmistress on her appointment.
Alan Platt (1945-1955) aeplatt@wolv.tds.net
Living in Michigan, USA, now retired after 30 years employed in research in a large American chemical company. Now travelling and learning to fly...
Peter Russell (1951-1956) bburpi@usa.net
I live, at the present, in sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, where I am engaged as a general 'Computer Guru'.
Dick Scott (Lyons, 1944-54) dixcot@fl.net.au
I am a journalist in Sydney where we have a small, but active OE group adept at lunches and dinners and extend a welcome to OEs and pupils who care to visit.
Geoff Sewards (1945-55)sewards@which.net
My name is Geoff Sewards and I was at Emanuel from 1945-55. Thanks to Aaron Rogers I then went to Cambridge and spent most of my career teaching mathematics at what became Coventry University. I am now retired and spend a lot of my time as a school governor and organising school governors in Coventry. I am very interested in how effective the National Numeracy Project proves to be.
Tony Sweetsur (Nelson, 1952-1959)tony.sweetsur@kvaerner.com
After leaving schoool did a BSc. (Hons) Chem. Eng. degree at London University. Got involved in the offshore oil and gas industry when I immigrated to Australia in 1968. Worked around the world since then - always in the oil patch. Now resident in UK and plan to stay here until, hopefully, early retirement. Great memories of Emanuel School, the cafe on Battersea Rise and the Temperance Billiards Hall, Clapham Junction !!!!