The Rebellion ... 00.07.04

Kalliope, bard of Undine and saved daughter of The Sacrifice, writes:

Aislings! We pray for your aid. If you'll but see these documents, you will not believe in the justness of Hadrian's exile. Nor in the righteousness of Loures' rule over Undine.

Bard of Undine

A letter from Marlin, Loures-imprisoned scholar of The Heart, reads:

Citizens, pray listen and know the reason of the goblin's call to Undine.

As I slept in my cell, I dreamt of the awful rites at Astrid, and those in the Heart of Loures. But worse, I remembered court documents and pieced bits together: Loures' ship that had set sail for Undine supposedly bearing human troops hid several Goblin troops.

Worse still, a loyal scribe informs me that several items from a Hunt of the Kings' have been used to fund Orc and Champion mercenaries.


Incited by this, several Undine citizens have called secret, illegal meetings purporting a rebellion against Loures.

((The Rebellion: 2000/07/04 - 2000/07/13))