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A weekly radio show about computer and Internet technology
 Mondays @ 6:30pm on KUSP
The Host:
Lyle Troxell
Lyle Troxell, outside of KUSP, Santa Cruz      Lyle started his professional geekdom at age 12 running lights and sound for Santa Cruz local community theaters. At Cabrillo Community college he was awarded an Associate of Science in Electronics and thereafter had his first "real" job at a local radio broadcasting manufacturing company, Inovonics Inc. Intrigued by the Internet, he spearheaded and created his first website for Inovonics. Lyle met his wife in Santa Cruz and together they moved down to LA. While there he extended his web skills and soon was hired by a large communications company as Webmaster (a poorly defined title at best). Lyle now lives in Felton, CA in the San Lorenzo valley of Santa Cruz County. For more information on this geek please visit

The Guests:
John Tracy (Mac Expert and more)
John Tracy, in the KUSP Air Room, Santa Cruz       John has been hooked on computers since his Dad brought home a Commodore 24 at age 13. He learned to program basic in Jr. High school, but yearned for an easier way to interface. Then, three years later, Apple introduced the Macintosh, and John fell in love (in true Geek style) with something way beyond his reach. So he bought one anyway. Three years later, in 1988, he started working at Apple in the Developer Press department, and was laid off (in true Apple style) 4 years later. He continued supporting Macintoshes on a referral only basis and eventually (in true Silicon Valley style) turned in to a business. He lives in the woods with his wife and Son and is anxiously expecting the arrival of their second child. And DSL.

Sean Cleveland (Hardware... need I say more?)
Sean Cleveland, in the KUSP Air Room, Santa Cruz      Sean considers the Tandy TRS-80 (Model 3) his first "real" computer as it was the one he cut his programming teeth on. He's also proud that he milked his 286 for all its worth while not succumbing to Apple like others around him. He's worked in the computer industry professionally for over twelve years in one capacity or another, and whether it be technical support, quality assurance, network administration, hardware engineering or software programming; he's worn the hat. Sean’s one of those sick bastards who delights in installing the latest hardware and tweaking it beyond spec instead of just relaxing and enjoying the latest games. When not surrounded by computers and piles of hardware, Sean enjoys hunting rare hardbounds, drinking drought Guinness and hanging with friends at Comic Relief in Berkeley.

Miles Elam (Ubergeek Warlord)
Miles Elam, in the KUSP Air Room, Santa Cruz       He was weaned from a DB-9, raised by a pack of 5 1/4" floppies, trained by a hoarde of daemons and content with the palour of a CRT tan. He weilds his mighty hammer of C++, guilded sword of Java and stealthy dagger of JavaScript. His fields of battle have included the vast tracks of OS/2, the infernal depths of Windows and the happy hunting grounds of Linux. He will fight on through the trials of objects, the riddles of threads and the horrors of client-server. He will fight on...
  [Miles just discovered Diablo II. He'll snap out of it in a couple of weeks.]

Daria Elise Troxell (Greeter)
Daria Troxell, Driving, Sunland       Daria is not a geek, but loves her husband so much that she is willing to support his need to speak geek once a week. Having a Master of Fine Arts in Acting, she is currently the Administrator for Mountain Community Theater, and appears in local theatrical productions. She lives with her husband in the beautiful redwoods of Felton, CA with their dog Korkie and cat Isis.
  [Daria answers the phone - say hi to her if you call in to the show.]

      Geek Speak has been running for years. Lyle Troxell, the current host, took over for another team in August of 2000. The people below where that team. Thank you all for your show - I loved it! The "Past Geeks" do make aperances now and then on the current show.

Past Geeks:
Mark Hanford (Previouse Host)
      Mark worked for over 10 years in both public and commercial radio in Boise, Idaho. He now resides in Santa Cruz, where he works for Cruzio, does the Netpunk magazine column for San Francisco's Maximum RocknRoll magazine, and maintains the Screwball Punk Page.
  [We are sure he will join us for future shows]

Chris Neklason and/or Peggy Dolgenos (The Mom and Pop of Cruzio)
      Chris is a former bowling alley mechanic who made the successful jump from analog to digital wayyyyy back in 1980. Peggy has a real live management degree from Yale and a computer science degree from UCSC. Like a lot of other geeks their age, they have kids.
  [They are very buisy with Cruzio and the Children thing - hopefully they will join us on a show or two.]

Barbara Diamond (Greeter)
       Barbara use to answer the phones for GeekSpeak. She's the one who instructs you to turn down your radio to avoid feedback and where you are in the queue to speak with the Geeks. She appreciates good jokes and gardening tips. Her Geek credentials? She has changed her own motherboard and added memory chips...and she's addicted to Free Cell.

Curtis Galloway (ProtoGeekus extremis)
      Curtis is an OS and database engineer, currently employed over the hill at PDI. Deeply into cell phones, gadgets, Newtons and Pilots, pez dispensers and cheap brightly colored toys, his wide ranging experiences defy description!

John Govsky (Another Mac Guy)
      John teaches at Cabrillo and UCSC Extension, keeps various local businesses computing happily and has mastered more knowledge of Mac publishing systems, operating systems and networks than you would think possible for any mere mortal.

Rebecca Lynn Eisenberg
       Attorney, geek, technical writer, consultant, social commentator, Examiner columnist, is there no limit to her powers?