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Where in the world is Suerie?

As of February 1999, I've joined the Peace Corps in South Africa.  I'm stationed in Bankuna from Feb-May 1999 for training, and then its off to parts unknown for my 2-year assignment.  I will be stationed in either the Northern Province or Mpumalanga Province, both in the northeast part of South Africa.  I will be doing both education and community development work, and in my spare time I will be yearning for letters.  So, if you want to ease my suffering, send correspondence to:

Suerie Moon PCT
c/o Peace Corps
P.O. Box 13894
Hatfield 0028
Pretoria, South Africa

I should be back in the States by spring or summer 2001!  If you want to visit me before, write or email so I can clear a little space on my floor.  (Disclaimer: who knows about email?)  If I have Internet access, look for updates on my life in South Africa here!  Otherwise, check out my friend Omar's great website for news/views on South Africa, or the excellent Daily Mail and Guardian's newssite.  If you want just the basic facts or are planning a trip, check out Lonely Planet's site.

Peace and Happy Travelling to All!