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Welcome to my webpage! Feel free to explore the pages and enjoy the site. If you are interested in your own BUFFY site, just click on the door at the bottom of the page. If you would like to know where any picture on this site came from, just email me. Most of the graphics are from Acmecity and the official site. See ya later!

Also, if you have a birthday wish that you would like to send out, please email me with the name and the date and I will add it to my site! Just imagine the joy when your friend finds out he/she has gotten a birthday wish from such a prestigous site (Just Joking)!

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For all the local residents....
If you haven't heard already it seems that the X-men movie is going to be filmed right here in Sudbury. If that's not cool enough, it looks like maybe, just maybe, Sarah Michelle Gellar will be acting in it! Temporary plans have her playing the troubled Rogue. Other actors/actresses include Patrick Stewart, Russell Crowe, Angela Bassett, Julianne Moore and Edward Norton. The film is set to be shot in the summer in the Big Nickel Mine and Science North. More information to follow!

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I am fourteen years old from Canada. I am a huge Buffy fan and also enjoy the shows The Worst Witch, Charmed, PMK, and Dharma and Greg. My favourite movies are Titanic, Good Will Hunting, Field of Dreams, A Few Good Men, The Thin Red Line, Billy Madison, Empire Records, Outbreak, Godzilla, and Phenomenon. I love any music, except most rap (but I do like Will Smith). My hobbies include writing (I write for my school newspaper), figure skating, baseball and reading. I also enjoy singing and acting.

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