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Crash Test: DMA Problems with VIA's 686B Southbridge 2/4
Version 1.3 April 12, 2001. Translated into English by Naily.

Testing by Oneself?
No Problem! If you want to check for the error at home, take care of the following:
  • Windows 98SE, ME, and 2000 come into question.
  • A Soundblaster Live greatly increases the probability and frequency of the error.
  • You need to copy files from IDE1 to IDE2 and vice versa.
  • The IDE devices should run in (U)DMA mode.
  • No error messages will pop up. You need to check the data integrity of the files.
  • On our system, the error mostly occured after 7 - 15 GB, sometimes, however, after 200 - 300 MB already.
  • The IDE Stress Tool (usage at your own risk!)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 Service Pack 5 (test file, 130 MB) For double-checking we used two motherboards with VIA's KT133 chipset and the old 686A southbridge. On the Epox 8KTA-3+ Windows 2000 wouldn't even boot any more. Replacing the board with the "old" Epox 8KTA+ resulted in 250 flawless test runs – without any changes in the system! I can only recommend that you be on alert as far as the behavior of your IDE devices is concerned.

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    1. Problem Description
    2. Testing by Oneself Enlightens
    3. Diary of a Fiasco
    4. The Solution

    MP3 & VIDEO
     Pam 2.88/beta

     Epox 8KTA-3+
     Asus A7V133
     ABit KT7A-Raid
     VIA's 686B Bug
     CPU-Cooler bis 1.5GHz
     Aiwa MP3R
     OC: 133MHz FSB

     Radeon 26.3.
     VIA 4.30v 17.4.
     Matrox G450 16.4.
     VIA 4.29v 15.3.


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