r/c model hovercraft at Portugal

r/c Model Hovercraft

...........at Portugal...........

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..R/C Model Hovercraft.. 


....Portugal ....



"Fury" and his homemade «"father."


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Photo Gallery -( page 1 of 2 )-






From left to right and top to bottom:

"foot craft" kick controlled...... 1991

"Morais" a bold friend of mine. 1991

All Wood .................................... 1992

All Metal .................................... 1992

Twin engine powered one..........1992

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Second generation Birth : (fibreglass)...1993

My first fibreglass R/C Model. 1/4scale 750 mm long, unsinkable, featuring a real driving pilot at scale, performed 35Km/hour powered by a .40 glow-plug engine. The ground clearance is 30mm and has a 3,5Kg weight ( full tank and batteries included), nylon bag type skirted.



Twin engine powered model. Reverse thrust ,remote operated aileron and finger type skirt.

The fastest (45 Km/hour on chronograph),  but ... as a friend used to say: " When you have two engines you have two troubles"!

It was 5 servos equipped and required a 4 channel radio.


1/3scale gas powered model.1998

This one stills under construction , it's my last prototype. Bigger than all (1 meter long), it was  projected for gas engines. You don't have to carry on the starter, extra glow-plugs, battery and lots of expensive methanol . Eventually  it requires more powerful servos, however you just buy the gas anywhere (it seeks the end of the carburettor and maintenance troubles that we use to experience on glow-plug engines).

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Some History-( page 1 of 2 )-

When I saw real hovercrafts for the first time in my life, I travelled about 300 Km with an r/c model hovercraft in my car´s trunk. It was a race at Ofir-Portugal included in the 1992 European Championships, I was afraid of taking my model out of the car because of the very strong winds, so strong that even the big-ones stopped to race. It was my second model, "Morais"! Three years later, 1995    World and Speed Race Championships  at Régua-Portugal, I travelled with another one, made of fibreglass

That time I was pleased by meeting Mr Bob Windt (World Speed Champion in the events) whom invited me and some family for a small cruise in his "Tri-Flyer" at Douro river. I enjoyed it a lot and invited Mr Windt  to take a close look at my fibreglass nitro-powered r/c model hovercraft . I ran the model after the races wile "Bob" and some other pilots where "flying" on the river.



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At that time, I also met Mr José Carvalho, 1998 Portuguese F1 Hovercraft Champion and owner of the "Superpoliester Hovercraft Team", he had two hovercraft racing in the events. In sequence of Régua events, my unnamed fibreglass model turned into a Factory made Model due to an agreement between me and Mr Carvalho  also owner of the "Superpoliester" factory, that we named "FURY".

 "FURY" was made in accordance to the pieces  I supplied the factory in order to build brand new casts for a mass production. "Superpoliester" people, had the knowledge of doing real, racing hovercraft and I had 5 years of doing model hovercraft, so… I worked myself, in the factory about two weeks together with his own personnel and  we did a great job, we finished two prototypes during 1996, one for static display and the other for demos .


"FURY" has a glow plug .46 engine and requires a two-channel radio with 3 standard servos (or just two hi-torque servos). Is a 1/4 scale model with a real moving pilot also at scale, length is 80 cm and weights 5 Kg.

 It is unsinkable, reaches almost 40Km/hour and the ground clearance is 3 cm. It is made of  P.R.F.V. and has a neoprene bag type skirt.

 "FURY" is not being produced... It was a dream never came thru, but is not dead! We thought we could do everything since production to market… I performed "FURY" in several Sports events and Fairs whom "Superpoliester" participated running as well his Formula 1 hovercraft, and sometimes both were "flying" together. The last show was at PORTO- EXPONOR 1997 "Porto Racing Show".

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"Fury" at shows-(under construction ! )---next: (My Dreams)

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My Dreams -( page 1 of 1 )---next: ( Contact  )



 To see my Model  Hovercrafts running all around the World!



 To brake the Speed Race Record, with my own design hovercraft. I am working on it since the 1995 Speed Races at Régua. It is a new concept of the hovercraft shape, aerodynamics, lift and balance system …

…Crazy ? no!

 I just have a problem, the (almost) everybody problem, yes, the $ problem!


  My Idols:


 Leonardo da Vinci

 Collin Chapman

 Christopher Cockerell

 Ayrton Senna




 My Readings :



R/C Models




Cars; Sci-Fi; U.F.O. …

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Contact-( page 1 of 1 )---( last page )


 Marta and Me.


Are You A Dreamer ?

Contact me :



Hovercraft links :



....................Thanks to

My Brother José Alberto : ............... for the tools and machines.

My Friend E. Grilo:............................. for P/C Hardware and Software help.

 At last but not the least :

 My Wife and my daugther Manuela and Marta ...............For the Time that I`m allways taking them!


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