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New pages being created here9 Oct 99
GIVNEY Surnames1 Feb 98
All GIVNEY Names1 Feb 98
GIVNEYs' We Have Not Placed Yet16 May 99

Illinois GIVNEYs'15 May 99
New York GIVNEYs'1 Feb 98
GIVNEYs' in Australia30 Aug 98
New Jersey GIVNEYs'18 Jun 99
Texas-Wisconsin GIVNEYs'1 Feb 98
MCSORLEYs' listed in GIVNEY Trees1 Feb 98
GIVNEYs' in FTM World Family Tree 1814 (partial)
GIVNEYs' in FTM World Family Tree 3313 (partial)

Links we have not had the time to search yet

Don Charlwood's Twenty Men11 Dec 97
The article mentions Vince Givney of the Royal Australian Air Force during World War II

American Volunteers from the Abraham Lincoln Battalion1 Jan 98
Article mentions John Givney

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Amy Burford

Ran's Hangout

Hannah Burford

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