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    Cheaters and Rules
    Cheating is in no way allowed or condoned on this server. If an admin gets wind of anyone cheating, that person is banned. And not just skilled players...We're talking blatant cheaters. Also, we try to keep T.K.G. a nice family place to come and kill each other. So no cursing is allowed on the servers and forums. Keep the killing clean!

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    TKG News
    MOD News
    Sorry for lack of any news or happenings lately. Been VERY busy.

    I have thrown up yet another DOD server on the .128 address on the new server. It has been running real good.
    I have also considered making this server a custom maps-only server. I posted this suggestion to the DOD message boards and I'll see what kind of response I get.

    On the DOD topic, I get so irritated at the number of teamates that shoot you to slow you down. You're trying to run away from a grenade and a teammate shoots you to make you run as fast as a turtle.
    New release of DOD should be out in one week which is supposed to remedy this.

    I'm still having problems getting the stats working again on the new server. Maybe I'll go to another stats program or something. I just love the way Intelistats is a database and is very fast.

    I'll look into my options this weekend or start of next week.

    I threw up the FLF server last week to see if there was any interest in it still. Well, sad to say that the thing has been cold dead. I REALLY don't know why. I personally think it is a great mod.

    I've updated the CS server with a new .dll from I have no clue what it is supposed to fix or do, but hey, it's installed.

    In case any of you did not know, the whole "T.K.G. hosting a tribes server" was a joke to one of our friends. Even the clan hosting for it and the associated web site was a joke. I'm not a real big tribes fan.

    Everyone have a great weekend and play on.



    Posted by Malachii
    Sunday April 29 2001 @ 03:59AM Eastern Daylight Time
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    Last modified: Sunday April 29 2001 @ 10:26AM Eastern Daylight Time
    TKG News
    Ok. Server is almost finished loading up.
    Last thing to do is get stats working. And umm....well, they are not. Giving me install probs.Forums are back up.

    I'll work on it this weekend.


    Posted by Malachii
    Saturday April 28 2001 @ 12:47AM Eastern Daylight Time
    TKG News
    New server
    New server is in and up and running. Lots of things not working yet but give me some time.

    CS is up.


    Posted by Malachii
    Wednesday April 25 2001 @ 11:26AM Eastern Daylight Time
    Off Topic
    The new server has finally been shipped. (a week later mind you) and should be here tommorow or Thursday. Once I get it in, I will need a day or so to load the system up and to figure out how to transfer all of the web stuff over to the new one. The databases might be a pain. We'll see.

    I updated stats on all of the servers. Sorry for the delay in that. Believe it or not, they are on a scheduler, but it does not work so well.

    I updated the pic-o-the-week.



    Posted by Malachii
    Tuesday April 24 2001 @ 06:50AM Eastern Daylight Time
    TKG News
    I hate myself for loving you
    Can't break free from the things that you do....I wanna run but I'll walk back to you, that's why I hate myself for loving you!

    My cats' favorite song. In fact, whenever I sing it to her she promanades around the living room as if she owns the place.

    Do any of you remember the Stephen King movie where the cat could steal your souls by sucking it through your mouth when you sleep? I am sure that is her idea of a good time. In fact I am sure she would LOVE to suck my soul and give herself another life. I hate her.

    I recently found out that the world is not Flat.
    That sucks.

    Reason for my bad mood?
    Online PC places like this SHITHOLE do not give a damn about paying customers and think that customers like me that place orders love to wait and wait for our pruduct while they continue banking on my money they have already charged to my card.

    So, I decided to give them a jingle this morning and express my displeasure for them making me wait. I was greeted on the phone by someone that clearly was making excuses for every single question I asked. It went something like this:

    Me: Hi. I ordered a system from you guys. It is to be used as a kick-ass game server for the faithful followers of T.K.G. Cause they rule!

    Salesperson: What?

    Me: Let me explain. I built and ordered a system through your website Monday morning at 5:30 A.M. It is now Friday at 10:00. I still have yet to even receive one email telling me my order has shipped.

    Salesperson: What is your order number?

    Me: SW-217492

    Salesperson: Ohh...I see. You actually ordered more than one thing from us. These type of orders can take 24-72 hours. This is because it actually requires us to count more than one item and figure out how to arrange the odd-shaped parts into a cardboard box.

    Me: Let me get this straight. It is going on 5 days since I placed my order, and you have not even yet begun to ship it? Hmm....this would not be the typical "Lets get web orders then place the order for our parts that way we do not have to carry an inventory and we basically just pick up all of the profit in between".

    Salesperson: What?

    Me: Jesus god in heaven!!! My gamers and I want their new server!!!!!! Ship it to me!!!

    Salesperson: We must have a bad connection, I can barely hear you.

    Me: I swear, I will sick the legions of loyal T.K.G. followers after your company if you do not help me out in some way!!

    Salesperson: The Kernal Group? Investment Firm?

    Me: No you moronic assfuck! A lowly online gaming website catering to loyal gamers that play on it's hosted server. The kinda of server I'm buying from you guys!

    Salesperson: What was your order number again?

    Me: SW-217492

    Salesperson: Checking...Checking...Checking...Well, our website says 24-72 hours for shipping. And even though you ordered it before we even opened up for business on Monday, we start the timer countdown from the next business day when you placed the order.

    Me: I hate you guys.

    Salesperson: Thank you for shopping with us!!

    Me: There is no god.

    Bascically, I planned to have the new server in place by today, not praying to a ficticious god that it will even be shipped my Monday.

    I encourage all of you to EMAIL THEM and reference order number SW-217492
    and show your displeasure for their lack of quality customer service and their lack to provide us our equipment in a timely fashion.


    Posted by Malachii
    Friday April 20 2001 @ 10:40AM Eastern Daylight Time
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    Last modified: Saturday April 21 2001 @ 10:57PM Eastern Daylight Time
    Off Topic
    Optimal schmoptical
    Heya DOD fans, I made some changes to the configuration of the DOD servers. Mainly network configurations and memory usage to see if it would help at all. Let me know if there are any improvements or extra special lag to report of.



    Posted by Malachii
    Wednesday April 18 2001 @ 02:19PM Eastern Daylight Time
    TKG News
    Some of you may have noticed the appearence of another DOD server floating around here last night. Quite a few of you in fact. This was actually a test for me in the amount of memory needed per player, per dod server, on this gigahertz box.
    I also wanted to see if the memory needed would increase if 2 were running. It also made me quite happy to see at one time, both dod servers packed. God I love the linux server not being out yet! :-) Well, the real question is, will I keep it around? Prolly at least for a bit. I imagine it would be nice for QOR to have another place to play if their teamates are involved in a clan match on the main once. My commitment will be this. I will try to have it up but I definetly will not come running if it goes down. I also setup stats for that server as well.

    Pic-O-the-Week updated.



    Posted by Malachii
    Wednesday April 18 2001 @ 07:00AM Eastern Daylight Time
    TKG News
    Sprint & Fiber
    I would like to appologize to everyone for the downtime and slow speeds lately. Our provider (sprint) had a downed fiber line and it was effecting all of our systems.


    Posted by Malachii
    Tuesday April 17 2001 @ 08:26AM Eastern Daylight Time
    Off Topic
    Header graphic
    A big thanks goes out to sheriff_bob for making the above graphic for me. Let me know what you all think.


    Posted by Malachii
    Monday April 16 2001 @ 09:20PM Eastern Daylight Time
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    Last modified: Tuesday April 17 2001 @ 04:22PM Eastern Daylight Time
    TKG News
    Grandia master and the way of evolution
    Good morning my faithful T.K.G. audience. (Both of you) I spent a large majority of my time last week on vacation sitting in front of my large screen T.V. (62 inch) constantly beating the hell out of various demon-like creatures pretending that it was in fact me on the screen wielding the sword the game called the granasaber and defeating evil once and for all. To the point to where I found my self laughing at the pathetic existence of these foul ceatures of the night. Laughing at them. Mocking them.
    I thought it was so amusing how I was constantly becoming stronger whereas my foes seemed to be getting weaker as the game went on. For any of you role-playing fans out there, you all know how it is to stay in one area and build up level after level just to make yourself an all-around baddass.
    So what happens is, I make myself, and my party so strong that when I do advance in the game, it basically is a cakewalk and I truly enjoying spitting on the grave of my enemies. Just to give you all an idea, I spent 60+ hours on this game last week when I finally conquered Valmar (Satan) from within his own body.
    Why would any of you (all 2) even care about this triumph between good and evil? Well, it got me to thinking about the way I was leveling up my characters and the way this site/servers have evolved over the past years. I have been jumping on the new technology (harder levels in the game) but I have not been powering up much.
    As new games out out that push the envelope on what is required, the current box that hosts this web site and the CS server just is not cutting it anymore. Not to mention all of the problems it has been having lately.

    So, all of this rambling has been to basically say that I ordered a new server for this website and the CS server. 1 ghz baby! Woohoo! Not to mention that I will have a clean slate by which to load everything up again. I will try to make the transistion from one box to the other as painless as possible, but as you all know, anything can happen.
    On this note of buying another server, I really encourage all of you that have not gotten in the habbit yet, to once a day, click on the support T.K.G. link and help a brother out. It only lets each person click once a day, so everytime ya stop by, please give a clickity-cloo and proceed past the next page. Before all of you start thinking to yourself, "I don't wanna make Malachii rich", let me put things in perspective. So far, since I have had that up, I have a wopping $4.71 cents coming my way. I'll try to not spend it all in one place. :-)

    So, new server on it's way and life is grand. I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday.

    I am resetting the stats on DOD since it has new logging. I am starting off with the log files from Saturday morning. We'll see how it works out.

    I reserved 2 slots with admin mod on the DOD server. So for the QOR guys that have it setup, you will never have a problem getting in now.

    I also used the mp_bulletwhizz variable to see if it helps lag at all.

    CS Stats Updated.



    Posted by Malachii
    Monday April 16 2001 @ 07:33AM Eastern Daylight Time
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