AR 102 "The Son of the Sun"

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Page 1, panel 1
The rock collection: "Lost in the Andes"
Page 1, panel 2
The candy striped ruby: "The Status Seeker"
Page 1, panel 3
Gold bars: "The Flying Dutchman"
Page 1, panel 4
The crown of Genghis Khan: "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan"
Quarter from 1916: "The Secret of Atlantis"
Jason's golden fleece: "The Golden Fleecing"
Page 1, panel 5
"How could I forget? I paid you 30 cents an hour": Barks always had Scrooge pay his nephews that exact amount!
Page 2, panel 1
Treasure of Aladdin: "Rug Riders in the Sky"
Treasure of King Minos: "The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone"
Page 2, panel 2
Treasure of Sir Quackly: "The Old Castle's Secret"
Page 2, panel 5
The philosopher's stone: "The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone"
"ANOTHER contest": DD is reffering to: "The Second Richest Duck" and "The Money Champ"
Page 2, panel 7
The goose egg nugget: "Back to the Klondike"
Page 2, panel 8
Pearls of Kuku Maru: "Deep Down Doings"
Page 3, panel 1
The Terry Fermian trophy: "Land Beneath the Ground"
Page 3, panel 2
The relics of the Incan mines: "The Prize of Pizarro"
Page 3, panel 8
The museum curator: "The Golden Helmet"
Page 4, panel 1
The jeweled crown of the Mayas: "Crown of the Mayas"
Page 4, panel 8
The name Calisota: "The Gilded Man"
Page 5, panel 2
Scrooge pointing at a map of South America with his cane: "The Gilded Man" and "The Secret of Hondorica"
Page 5, panel 3
The sand from King Solomon's mines: "The Mines of King Solomon"
Page 5, panel 4
30 cents an hour: Barks always had Scrooge pay his nephews that exact amount!
Page 5, panel 7
The old man from the Andes: "Lost in the Andes"
The square eggs: "Lost in the Andes"
Page 11, panel 1
"Lost in the Andes": "Lost in the Andes"
Page 11, panel 4
Calisota: "The Gilded Man"

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