Electronic Phoenix Project
The Electronic Phoenix Project is a volunteer, not for profit organization
that exists to facilitate the continued development and distribution of all forms of software.

    Welcome to the Electronic Phoenix Project (EPP) temporary home page. The EPP was an idea presented by Adam C. Engst in his e-mail publication TidBits for Mac users. The article is available here.The EPP's job as stated above is to continue to facilitate the development and distribution of software. Several products have been submitted for consideration and volunteers have agreed to sign up. To get involved join the mailing list run by our friends at TidBits. To join send email to phoenix-talk-on@tidbits.com. This page will be changed as more information comes available.

Current Volunteer Count
(Data as of 11/9/98)

Volunteers Overall Programmers Overall C/C++ Programmers

Sign up to be a volunteer by emailing me your name, email address, and level of experience at aswartz@upclink.com. Currently I have the data in a ClarisWorks database. Maybe someone with an FM Pro server up can make a web form for this.

Possible Programs
(There is no shortage of these!)

* Denotes source code is available.
Possible Sub-Groups
These are groups that are not part of the
Mission Statement but are in the spirit of the EPP.

One man volunteered to be head of a localization sub-group.
Another possibility is releasing file formats to orphaned programs.
A suggestion is to make old versions of software available, for several reasons.
Also, the EPP could be a "learning ground" for new Mac programmers.