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On With The Show
The story of "The Mice!" - mostly told here by media.

Several months before the scheduled show, John Andrew Prime, a local newsman and contributor to Rolling Stone Magazine, introduced Jaxon to Tom Ayres, the man who brought David Bowie to RCA, and produced surf music in the 60's. Ayres, former west coast RCA A&R man, was hibernating in Oil City, Louisiana.
Jaxon saw an opportunity to make something happen--a dream; he invited Ayers to KSCL FM, and then he developed a solid rapport with him over the next couple of months. He told Ayers about his idea of producing a LIVE rock and roll show over KSCL FM. Ayers was impressed with the little college radio station and Jaxon.
Jaxon put plans for the broadcast into motion. Talent was sought out. Among those signing on for the show was former Wedgeheads' drummer Alan Bernhoft. Bernhoft was well known for his outrageous Puppy Slicer song and his talent on drums was well known around the Shreveport area.
Baker needed a drummer and Bernhoft needed a guitarist. They would swap their talents with one another. Now all the two needed was a really great bass guitar player, and someone to play drums while Alan sang.
KSCL FM's music director, Merrill Moncure, was dating Bill Humphreys (former bassist for the Wedgeheads) at the time and she suggested him to Jaxon. Bill auditioned and fit the bill perfectly. Thom Anderson, poet and percussionist, was enlisted to play drums for Alan. A few rehearsals later the boys were ready for their radio debut.
On the night of the broadcast Ayers showed up just minutes before the boys went LIVE. What he heard blew him away. This was an auspicious turning point for the two songwriters and the producer.

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