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"Christy" Press Release
"Christy, Choices of the Heart" MINISERIES PREMIERS May 13 &14 on PAX
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This Week's Recommended Book
By Catherine Marshall

Christy and David OR Christy and MacNeill?
Permission from PAX

"Christy, Choices of the Heart" premieres as a two-part miniseries, Sunday, May 13 and Monday May 14 from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m., (CT/MT);  9:00 to 11:00 p.m., (ET/PT) on PAX, and answers the question millions of fans have asked for over 30 years:  who will Catherine Marshall's beloved heroine marry?  The miniseries also dramatizes what many consider the two most pivotal events of the novel:  the typhoid epidemic that hits Cutter Gap and Christy's crisis of faith.

The cast features Lauren Lee Smith ("Get Carter," MTV's "2Gether," "Dark Angel") as Christy Huddleston; Diane Ladd ("Rambling Rose," "Wild At Heart") as Christy's mentor, Quaker missionary Alice Henderson; James Waterston ("Dead Poets Society," "Dog Race In Alaska") as the eager young preacher David Grantland; and, various cast members from the popular but short-lived CBS series "Christy" including Stewart Finlay-McLennan ("E.A.R.T.H. Force," "ER") as Cutter Gap's dedicated Dr. Neil MacNeill.

Last fall, Christy's highly anticipated return to the screen was met with enthusiastic response from fans when the first film, "Christy: The Movie," premiered on PAX in November. Picking up where that first installment left off, "Choices of the Heart" focuses on the theme of survival and the evolution of the characters that populate the remote mountain hamlet of Cutter Gap.  The first segment, "A Change of Seasons," centers on the deadly typhoid epidemic. When the disease takes the lives of Christy's closest friends, it leaves her to question her faith and even the existence of God. The audience will experience the pain of relationships lost when viewers say good-bye to some to the beloved characters in the Christy saga.  And, at the conclusion of Part One, Christy will accept David Grantland's proposal and Dr. MacNeill will leave the cove to bury his heartbreak in typhoid research.

In the second evening's installment, "A New Beginning," the storm of the century hits the cove.  Cabins are washed away, many townspeople are missing and left stranded, while others residents seek refuge in the mission house.  This natural disaster brings the community together, and with the return of Dr. MacNeill, affirming Christy's decision as to whom she will marry.  Both MacNeill and Grantland are heroic and valiant, leaving Christy to make a difficult choice.

The outcome of the marriage will remain a secret until the Monday, May 14 broadcast, known only to the Marshall-LeSourd family and executive producer Tom Blomquist.  To obtain peak performance from all the actors, the outcome was withheld from the director of "A New Beginning," and alternate wedding and breakup scenes were shot.

The decision to have Christy marry was given vital consideration by the Marshall-LeSourd family who had recovered Catherine's notes for a sequel novel, notes that clearly indicated Christy's choice.

The mini-series became the vehicle for completing character arcs begun 34 years ago with the publication of the novel, leaving room for an entirely new and equally inspiring dynamic in Cutter Gap.

The stellar production team for "Christy, Choices of the Heart" includes executive producer and screenwriter, Tom Blomquist ("Walker, Texas Ranger"), co-executive producer and director of "Christy: The Movie" Chuck Bowman (Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman," Pretenders"), producer Deboragh Gabler ("Lear," "Take My Life" "Wednesday Woman"), and pre-eminent Canadian cinematographer Laszlo George ("Mrs. 'Arris Goes To Paris," "The Promise," "Body Of Evidence").

"A Change of Seasons" was written by Phillip Gerson ("Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman") and directed by George Kaczender ("Jonathan: The Boy Nobody Wanted," "In Praise of Older Women").  "A New Beginning" was scripted by Brenda Lilly ("Second Noah," "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids") and directed by Don McBrearty ("A Child's Christmas In Wales," "A Tale of Two Isaacs").  Emmy-nominated "Christy" composer Ron Ramin returned to compose an original score and music.

The miniseries was produced by Peace Arch Entertainment in association with Canan FilmWorks, LLC, with partners John Schneider, John Agoglia and Tony Fantozzi (who also serve as executive producers), Hallmark Entertainment and PAX TV.  The film was produced in cooperation with Marshall-LeSourd, LLC, the family of Catherine Marshall.

About PAX TV:
Paxson Communications Corporation owns and operates the nation's largest broadcast television station group and PAX TV, the newest broadcast television network.  PAX, the national family entertainment network, reaches 81% of U.S. television households via nationwide broadcast television, cable and satellite distribution systems.  Through the company's strategic relationship with NBC, the two networks shared the premiere of the dramatic series "Mysterious Ways" this past summer.  The series continues every Tuesday this season on PAX and has just returned to NBC on Monday nights.  Other PAX original 8:00 p.m. (ET/PT) series include "Miracle Pets," "Twice In A Lifetime," "It's a Miracle" and "Encounters with the Unexplained."

- PAX -

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