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CPSR Ends Affiliation with Amazon.com

September 20, 2000

CPSR has decided to drop links to Amazon.com and our affiliation with Amazon.com. We took this action because Amazon.com's privacy statement was too weak. Amazon.com has indicated from its privacy statements that it will change its privacy rules and that the new rules, whatever they happen to be, will apply to all user data, no matter when the data were collected and under what rules they were collected. It is CPSR's position that vendors such as Amazon.com should not collect individual private information and store it for any use other than those uses specifically authorized by the individual. Furthermore, changes in the contract of how individual information is used should be negotiated with each individual.

We hope that Amazon.com and all other vendors will care for the privacy of their customers with the same intensity as they regard their bottom lines. We suggest that others who think as we do direct their purchases to businesses that put privacy first.

Other computer professionals have other reasons for boycotting Amazon. Many object to their use of computer user-interface patents to prevent other e-commerce sites from being as easy to use as they are. See this page at EFF for more information.

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