by Julie

Living out of state, I'm not able to take an active part in the club. Ah, where is a blasted teleport when you need it. Since RevelCon is the one Houston science fiction event I do attend, I decided to write this review.

A good convention begins with a hotel with adequate space for the convention's needs and a courteous staff. RevelCon had that. In particular, the room used for the song video contest/cabaret allowed everyone a clear view of the stage.

When undertaking the tough task of a convention review, the logical place to start seems to be the dealer's room. To many, it IS the convention. Several Unlimited's orphan zine table took up an entire wall. Perhaps the club should think about warning labels -- this table can be dangerous to the health and bank balance of bibliophiles. With multiple fandoms, multimedia, straight and slash represented, the Several Unlimited's orphan zine sale may very well be the most overall satisfying orphan zine sale in fandom.

I will take a guess that there were seven new fanzines (perhaps premiering?) at RevelCon. There were zines from the fandoms of Doctor Who, Wild Wild West, Highlander, Rat Patrol, X-Files, Voyager, Lois & Clark and probably a few more which I didn't recognize. It may be a nice idea for RevelCon to publish a list in their program of such zines. I remember tables selling ceramic figures, Klingon weapons, song tapes, and episodes from Due South and the Professionals.

Panels ran continuously throughout the con. I have to admit I found some of the topics rather banal. Also, two of the panels I attended only featured one panelist. I feel multiple panelists allows a broader range of discussion.

On Saturday, Dee Beetem hosted a day long room party in her con suite. The day started with bagels and ending with pizza. There were four different party topics and two of them were well attended. Everyone seemed to have a good time. If club members are receptive, perhaps the party room will be continued next year.

The con suite was very well stocked with food, great in quantity and quality. I didn't make it to the fanzine reading room, but I did the year before and looked over a large selection of fanzines and Babylon 5 Internet gossip.

Friday evening the RevelCon Song Tape contest was held. I believe there were nine songs up for voting. The contest lasted about forty five minutes. A disastrous song contest is when there are three Wind Beneath My Wings videos, the Uncle guys were sensitive before their time and Bodie and Doyle could be a bit more discreet. Mercifully, we were spared from this. What we saw was some very intriguing song choices well matched with their topics. There were four or five choices which could easily have taken the first prize.

Saturday was the RevelCon birthday party (cake and ice cream supplied), followed by the cabaret and THE BABES Cat Boxe Theater. Amateur entertainment applauded by a wild and rowdy crowd, what is there not to enjoy.


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