Apr 30, 2001

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PaRappa the Rapper
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W e were inspired by this game to write the review in rhyme. Hope you enjoy something a little different.

Yo’ EP posse, let me tell you whatzup
PaRappa the Rappa, is a stylin’ rappin’ pup

Our boy wants to get a girl that he can’t
Cuz this fly honey is a plant.

A sunflower to be exact
and she’s being chased by a fellow who’s wack.

Biff, is his name, homeboy is lame.
Enough with the story, on to the game.

Let me say this, the game is sweet.
You watch an MC and then ape their beats.

If you rock the beats right, you add to your point pile.
You even get a bonus for rockin’ it freestyle.

Every button stands for a word
Your job, repeat what you’ve heard.

The game keeps track of how well you keep the beat.
You’ve got to rap good if you want to keep your seat.

You’ve got to get on it, there’s no time to bide.
Good, Bad and Awful, you’ll soon see the slide.

If you really get the hang then you can improvise
and U be rappin’ cool in the blink of an eye.

Now there’s just one thing that we have to say
and it’s that PaRappa The Rapper is a fun way to play.

There’s another thing that you’ll need to know,
before you’re done playing, you’ll be tapping your toe.

You’ll know the tunes are catchy when you’re walking down the street
and PaRappa game music is what’s moving your feet.

PaRappa’s a dog, that’s clear enough
but for a 2D pup, he’s got some funky stuff.

He’s a snappy dresser and his touque is fly
MC PaRappa’s one stylish guy.

For him to be with Sunny, style’s not enough
He’s got to learn to drive, bake a cake and other stuff.

He’s got to find some courage, quickly, in a snap
there’s no way around it, he’s got to learn to rap.

Can he learn in time to save the day?
"I’ve gotta believe" as PaRappa likes to say

Like we said before, these graphics are 2D
it doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Colourful cartoons are what you’re going to see
simple, and effective, and as cute as can be.

There’s a rasta rappin’ frog, other animals too
they’re all paper thin, but they can really bust a move.

It’s time we saw what it takes to make a game
not flash and sass and high end tech, it’s plain

Innovation, my friends, you know it’s true
and on the PSX this game is something new

Gameplay is the other thing to keep in mind
this game’s got it, more than any you’ll find.

This game would be super fly at a party
You won’t be whizzing through it unless you’re super smartie.

There’s really only one reason to complain
It’s much too short, there’s not enough of this game.

We hope we haven’t offended your beat sensibilities
Writin’ not rappin’ is our responsibility

We give this game a ten out of 10
because we’ll play it again, and again, and again........

The EP Posse


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