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Sept 30 6:26 pm
Oh joy. Happy happy. I made a new hotty gallery for your viewing pleasure.

My pre-race advice for Randy in tomorrows criterium was that if you can't beat 'em in the race, beat 'em in the parking lot.

Sept 30 5:54 pm
Good news on the Big Gay Randy front. In today's regional action, Randy Mason rode a 54:56 in the Arizona State Championship 40K Time Trial. That, my friends, is third best overall, second in Pro 1-2, and Numero Fucking Uno in Espoirs

Thats right, Randy is now Mr. Big Dick.

Under 23 State Champ. He owns.

Sept 30 2:12 pm
I love living in Tempe. Its been over 100 degrees for something along the lines of 24 days straight. And its almost fucking October!
My cable has gone out twice in the last three days. And, today the electricity went as well. Great. For some stupid fucking reason I drank what feels like eighty Natural Lights down at the Palo Verde last night, and fuck, does my head hurt. I'm pretty sure I managed to get run over once or twice on the way home.
But the best part has been the joy of pissing dirty dishwater out of my ass all morning. The cramps, the stink, the burning ring of fire... Its a package deal.

And now for the good news...

Ullrich beats Armstrong in TT!
Wins Silver!

Read about it here. Vyacheslav "Eki" Ekimov brought the gold home for Russia. Ullrich takes the silver, and Lance goes bronze.
My man, El Gordo of Spring, delivers the goods in Sydney. A Gold and a Silver medal in the two events he entered.
Maybe he should hang them on the door of his fridge, so when he wakes up at 4 am to wolf down a couple of cream pies, a pound of bacon, and whatever the fuck else that fat slob shoveled in last winter, maybe he'll remember what it was like to win. When I saw what he looked like this spring, I thought someone had stuck a helium tank up his ass... He looked like a float at the fucking Macy's Day Parade.

It just can't get any better.

Sept 29 8:49 am
Its old news already, but fuck it...

Ullrich wins the Gold!

Jan Ullrich takes the gold in the Olympic Road Race. I won't even try to hide the fact that he's one of my favorites. The guy kicks ass. Too bad he can't stay off the cream cakes around Christmas. If he ever figures out how to eat right, look out.

"I tried harder than Armstrong today, and he held back. He is so professional that he will be focussed on the gold medal in the time trial and it will be very tough to beat him" Says Ullrich.

Read all about here and here

Clicky make biggy

God Damn, ain't Hincapie a fucking retard? Way to loose count of how many people are in the break. Dumbass thought he was in for a medal, thought he'd win the sprint.

As the story goes, Lance bridged up to the group contianing Georgie Boy. Lance asks Georgie the usual stuff, hows the legs, anyone up the road? At which point, Hincapie says something like, "We're the lead group, and Duuude, we are Soooo gonna medal. Podium, Duuuude! Podium!".

There is, in fact, riders off the front. Three riders, a group with Jan Ullrich in it, no less, has gotten away during some moment of inattention by the US squad, and has a gap of over a minute. A gap that cannot, will not be closed.
Don't you think our boys in blue would fucking keep an eye on someone as dangerous as Ullrich? I think Hincapie's head is filled with rocks.

Say it in the forum.

Sept 28 1:43 pm
Guess who went to the dentist today? Three cavaties. Fuck me. I guess I shouldn't wait five years between visits.

Looks like I'll be working at Domenic's Cycling Imports. Again. Monday. Sucking dick for beer money. At least my friends still work there.

Domenic's already fired me twice. What'd ya think, third time the charm? This time I think I'll have to burn the fucking place to the ground.

Ya'll like those Master Card things? I do. Just click to enlarge.

whores, all of 'em fucking loser self pleasure Hi Dad Slut

Sept 27 11:30 am
Finally met up with the Randini last night. Not so great in the State Championships. There's not much glory in chasing down breaks and forcing splits, but someone has to do it.

such is life...

Looks like Randini may become the new roommate around here. Promises to be a drunken disaster. Like this, but everyday.

Gotta call Titus today. Looks like they actually might hire my fat ass. Either that, or third times the charm at DCI. God Damn it all just sucks ass.

Ever ride a fixed gear? It made my legs feel like jello. Say it in the forum.

Sept 26 4:32 pm
Another day, another fucking dollar. Big deal. Yee Haa.

Look at porn here, here and here.

Do you like looking at my crotch?

The hockey jersey, the fucked up hair...Whats with this guy???

click on pic

Sept 25 3:30 pm
The only thing I want to know is how Big Gay Randy placed yesterday. I tried a web search and got this. I can't just ask him, because that fucker is in Las Vegas, on the company dollar, getting drunk as hell and having boobs smashed in his face at some strip club. That bastard.

Sept 24, 10:04 pm
Went out to McDowell Mtn. Park today. Rode the Pimberton loop. Fucking stupid hot. Supposed to be the third day of fall. Not in this hell. Look at the forecast for the next few days.

I think the best part about riding is getting to eat half a pizza and sleep for two hours afterwards. Got a nice sunburn, always fun...where is fall. Look at how nice it is here.

What the fuck is this about? I’m Big Jonny you asshole!

Johan Museeuw had a few choice words this week, "I hope to cross the line of a big race with my arms in the air again next season, preferably a classic," he said. How the hell can you not love a guy like that? How many times can he almost die? Read more here.

News tomorrow on if Big Gay Randy is our new State Champ, or if he flatted and finished 91st. Like he did at the Gila Time Trial.

Sept 23, 4:30 pm
Here we go. My new website. I got it all. My whole world is here. I got bikes. I got boobs. And, I got beers. What else could you ask for? I sit around in this stupid desert heat surfing the net, looking at naked chicks, and waiting for it to cool the fuck off for awhile. We all need something, and right now I need a beer, or ten. I can't fucking stand it sometimes.

So what? We’ll see how this goes for awhile. This is my first stab at a website. God knows it won’t be the last. Lately I’ve been riding a single speed over anything else in the bike armada. Why? Because everything else suck ass, that’s why! Less gears more beers. Post something on the message board. Entertain me already you lazy stupid fuck.

Anyone want to give me $1600??? It’ll go towards a good cause. Namely, this. No, how about you give my fat lazy unemployed ass a job?

So, what’s your wu name? Keep the rubber side down.