Press Release

Battlecruiser 3000AD was a game that was released prematurely by Take 2 in the USA and by Gametek in the UK and Europe. It was a game that was killed at birth by its publisher and miraculously ressurected by Derek Smart and 3000ad. This press release was distributed by Derek Smart and 3000ad.

Attention: Battlecruiser Commanders

For sometime now I have taken Take 2 to task for not providing adequate support for this game among other things. I am in the process of talking to attorneys in determining the best course of action against Take 2 for several violations of my contract including the premature release of a game that was clearly in Beta form. A title, which you unknowingly purchased in the retail channel. Most of you who have contacted me and relied on me to provide this support can attest to the fact that I have done my job which is why you are now playing this game.

Most of you who bought the game from Take 2 and Gametek and are _still_ buying the game, expect to find support at the Take 2 camp but this is not the case. In fact, their previous web site had BC3K press blurb, then once the game was released all mentions of it were removed. Quite recently, it only had links to the C5 series of patches. Recently, I received requests of assistance from new users and discovered that the newly revised Take 2 site, does NOT even mention the Battlecruiser 3000AD title.

Here is what I found...

NO mention of BC3K whatsoever, for a game that is _still_ selling worldwide. This link showcases all Take 2's previous products. All except BC3K. The only way to find out about BC3K is to use the tech support search facility. This is one of the links I found when searching under 'BC3K'

Everything on the above link comes back to me.

I am making this report in my continous attempt to generate a 'paper and news trail' of the events leading up to the premature release of my game by Take 2 the events herein. Take 2 claim that they have spent millions of dollars on this game and to Derek Smart, when in fact this is not the case. My company is still struggling to stay afloat seeing that BC3K was the first and only title that I had hoped would endure. I put all my eggs in the proverbial basket, gambled and lost.

With 200+ fixes up to C5.3, I don't think there's a doubt that this game was not ready for prime time upon release. Nobody cares whose fault it was anymore. The fact that the game was late is NO excuse to dump it on the unsuspecting public. It was a complex and ambitious project that only large software houses with endless resources could ever have hoped to develop. This game was released by the same company that recently went public and ended up buying the European publishers, Gametek (UK) who also released the game incomplete in March of 1997. I don't know what's going on, but I'm in the process of finding out.

My task was to continue development of this title. Had I not spent these months putting out fires and dealing with the backlash from the premature release, I would've been farther ahead than I am now. The only consolation is that I managed, in the face of extreme adversity, to provide a game for those who were willing to patch it and hang on to the title. I remain committed to this cause.

If you bought BC3K and agree that you were cheated into buying a game what was promoted as being complete, please mail your concern to with the subject heading, "I bought BC3K in BETA form". All mail going to this address will get filtered and stored in a mailbox for use as evidence if this matter goes to arbitration where it is most certainly headed. If you feel that I have adequately supported this game and brought you the playing experience I promised, please don't forget to say so. If you have any gripes about the manner in which I have handled this matter or you hold me responsible and liable for the premature release of this title, then, by all means mention it.

I am doing this for the future of the gaming industry and not for personal gain. Some may think that it won't make a difference but even if it gets heard, it will be a start. I have already lost a lot and the landslide began when I signed off my release rights to Take 2 causing them to release my game without my approval. As long as there is one more Take 2 out there (though they are not the exception) doing this and not paying for their folly, we can expect to see the release of incomplete programs for time to come. Help me help us, the gamers, by bringing Take 2 to justice. Justice for us is the re-release of the title once it's completed and the provision of a new cd-rom+printed manual FREE to all owners of BC3K purchased in the US. Since Take 2 now owns Gametek, UK & European residents can also respond to this request. If you're an attorney and wish to help, you are more than welcome to do so. My thanks to those who have offered and also to those who have already seen this message post elsewhere and responded.

These actions do NOT in any way affect the on-going development of BC3K. My team and I are working night and day to wrap up the upcoming D patch and the final manual (a preview is available in the Cargo Hold FTP link via the Cargo Bay at which will be released when they are ready. The web site is undergoing repairs and some areas may not be accessible. So please bear with us. One of the additions to the site is the PX area where you will be able to purchase the final re-release version of BC3K directly from 3000AD when it becomes available. For a preview of things to come, download the BC3KIMG3.ZIP and BC3KIMG4.ZIP files available in the aforementioned FTP area.

The future....

[Battlecruiser 3000AD v2.0]

The title WILL be re-released once it's finished whether Take 2 re-releases it or not. This version is merely the finished version of BC3K as it should've been in 1996. Existing owners of BC3K do NOT need to purchase this because they would have already been patched to this level via on-line services. Registered users can find out from Take 2 whether they have plans to ship out updates and the revised manual. A printed manual and navigation chart will be included. No add-ons are planned though this may change. See below.

[Battlecruiser Commander]

A tentative working title for the sequel due out next year. All new galaxy, new class of Battlecruiser with the ability to carry a variety of fighters, 3Dfx, Rendition, MMX support as well as over 30 new features including the much awaited ship to ship comms and direct first person control of deployed personnel (as if you were controlling one of your ships). Support for buying components to build your own bases and cities on planet surfaces is also planned!

[BC3K: Strike Pak]

This is already in development and will allow you to board, in first person perspective, ships that you target. You will also be able to walk around inside your own Battlecruiser. The first pak will probably have 2-3 ships from each class, ie carrier, cruiser, transport, station, base. More will be done based on the success of the add-on. This add-on can be played stand-alone or linked to Battlecruiser Commander. Now you can board Gammulan ships, stations and bases and kick some serious butt. The Level Infinity team (splinter group from BPD, the guys who brought you The Gate conversion for Duke3D) are already on-board and will be working on designing all the ship interiors as 'levels'. Expect a demo of the Battlecruiser model which you can walk around in, sometime soon.

[BC3K: Skirmish Pak]

A multi-player add-on for Battlecruiser Commander supporting TCP/IP, modem & direct connection. Like Xtreme Carnage, this add-on will have a smaller unique galaxy but will support all the features in BC3K and BC. You can enter as any alien nation, caste with any ship type. Trade, mine, invade, hijaak etc. Everything you can now do in BC3K and in BC, you will be able to do in the Skirmish Pak.

So you see, things are happening and they're happening fast. BC3K has laid the ground work for all this. The experiment is over, now it's time to get down to serious business.

In all fairness to Take 2, I must also add that since E3 and again in recent discussions with the CEO, he has maintained that they have full intentions of re-releasing the title provided I deliver it to them once it's finished; but that at this point, they have NO reason to believe that the title will ever be completed. This just goes to show that no-one at Take 2 is even _playing_ the game.

In conclusion, these actions do not in any way infringe on Take 2's rights as the publisher of Battlecruiser 3000AD. I am the developer and sole owner of the game, it's code, copyrights and trademarks. The facts regarding this matter are already public knowledge and have been for sometime now.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Derek Smart, Ph.D.

President/Lead Developer, 3000AD, Inc.

Well, there you have it. Straight from the horses mouth as it were.

Anticipating that you will write and complain I have added a link below. Simply click on it and an email will appear, waiting for you to fill in the body. Say what you feel as this is the only way companies like Take 2 and Gametek will learn that the Gamer is not to be played with. We will not sit back and let them treat us like unpaid beta testers.

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