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Release: November 30, 1994
Label: Capitol CDP-8-31796-2
Producer: George Martin
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  1. Beatles Greetings (speech)
  2. From Us to You
  3. Riding on a Bus (speech)
  4. I Got a Woman
  5. Too Much Monkey Business
  6. Keep Your Hands off My Baby
  7. I'll Be on My Way
  8. Young Blood
  9. A Shot of Rhythm and Blues
  10. Sure to Fall (in Love With You)
  11. Some Other Guy
  12. Thank You Girl
  13. Sha La La La La! (speech)
  14. Baby It's You
  15. That's All Right (Mama)
  16. Carol
  17. Soldier of Love
  18. A Little Rhyme (speech)
  19. Clarabella
  20. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry (Over You)
  21. Crying, Waiting, Hoping
  22. Dear Wack! (speech)
  23. You Really Got a Hold on Me
  24. To Know Her is to Love Her
  25. A Taste of Honey
  26. Long Tall Sally
  27. I Saw Her Standing There
  28. The Honeymoon Song
  29. Johnny B Goode
  30. Memphis, Tennessee
  31. Lucille
  32. Can't Buy Me Love
  33. From Fluff to You (speech)
  34. Till There Was You


  1. Crinsk Dee Night (speech)
  2. A Hard Day's Night
  3. Have a Banana! (speech)
  4. I Wanna Be Your Man
  5. Just a Rumour (speech)
  6. Roll Over Beethoven
  7. All My Loving
  8. Things We Said Today
  9. She's a Woman
  10. Sweet Little Sixteen
  11. 1822! (speech)
  12. Lonesome Tears in My Eyes
  13. Nothin' Shakin
  14. The Hippy Hippy Shake
  15. Glad All Over
  16. I Just Don't Understand
  17. So How Come (No One Loves Me)
  18. I Feel Fine
  19. I'm a Loser
  20. Everybody's Trying to Be My Baby
  21. Rock and Roll Music
  22. Ticket to Ride
  23. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
  24. Medley: Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!
  25. Set Fire to That Lot! (speech)
  26. Matchbox
  27. I Forgot to Remember to Forget
  28. Love These Goon Shows! (speech)
  29. I Got to Find My Baby
  30. Ooh! My Soul
  31. Ooh! My Arms (speech)
  32. Don't Ever Change
  33. Slow Down
  34. Honey Don't
  35. Love Me Do

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Recorded Live: March, 1962 - June, 1965
Compiled by: George Martin
Cover Design by: Richard Ward / The Team

George Harrison: Vocals, Lead guitar
John Lennon: Vocals, Rhythm guitar, Harmonica
Paul McCartney: Vocals, Bass guitar
Ringo Starr: Vocals, Drums



Beatles Greetings

I'm Ringo and I play the drums.
Hello, I'm Paul, and I play the uh uh, bass.
Hi, I'm George and I play a guitar.
I'm John and I too play a guitar. Sometimes I play the fool.

Riding on a Bus

Before we hear another song fellows, there is a few things I'd like to ask you. First of all, do you ever get tired of being
Get so tired now, get a bit a lonely now.
Rhythm, who's that? Blues.
We don't think so, really.
You don't ever think that?
Just occasionally, you get cheesed off with people writing rubish about you, which you get often.
Yeah, I agree with that. I've had a divorce and a half a dozen kids.
Now what do you, uh, well, I mean doesn't, isn't this a big sort of drag to go around explaining to your wife that you're not
divorced and all that sort of things?
No, she knows I'm not divorced, 'cause I keep seeing her every day, you see?
Yeah, that's a point, but what about the simpler things of life. Like, uh...
Like riding a bus.
Yeah, or going to just about any restaurant you can find?
Well, yeah, you miss those sort of things.
We go to certain ones.
And we go to ones where the people there are so snobby. They're the type who pretend they don't know us, so we have a
good time, 'cause they pretend that they don't know us.
Joe's Cafe!
Yeah, that figures.
See, Joe's Cafe.? Social common that, you know.
It is.

Sha La La La La!

Next number was called "Sha La La La La".
You're joking!
Ah, but in fact, "Baby It's You".
Why don't you do it in your famous James Mason impersonation voice?
Ha... ha...
Alright! Go, on, man! Ah, do it in your...
I thought this next number was called "Sha La La La La" but in fact "Baby It's You".
Get off! Get off!
Can you do Mickey Mouse? Eee.
There you go.
All right, sing a song fellows!
OK, let's go!

A Little Rhyme

Now, for the final number John's got a card in his hand with a little rhyme on it. What is it?

It's from the form upper third at Hemmel Homestead, it says:
"Dear George, John, Ringo, Paul
Here's hoping that you please us all
A Beaty song on swinging voice
We'll leave it up to you, the choice
We think you're fab, and really cool
So, brighten up our lives at school
Dig this."
So, here's Paul wissling Clarabella.

Dear Wack!

Well, despite the fact the next request comes from 132 Perry Road, Sherwood in Nottingham, it's headed up the pool, and
starts, "Dear Whack", so John you take it from there.
"Dear Whack, please ask those gorgeos lads--he,
he--called the Beatles--ba ba ba ba boo boo boo--to sing
"You Really Got A Hold On Me", for Di, Gus, Vis, and me.
Also, for the Beatles them selves, especially Paul, hu, and everybody that was in the Roy Orbison tour,
I am a regular listener of Pop Go The Beatles, good lad, you're a lad,
and please tell the boys that all the girls in our office think it is a fab show..."
Alright, oh, stop with that. Wo, that's plenty. And now, what are you going to sing for us?
"You Really Got A Hold On Me", mother.

From Fluff to You

Now listen.
When you're singing...
Um, um?
Do you have any particular idol that you've ever copied your singing style from?
Want to buy my book, then?
Want to buy my book?
John, go away.
Want to buy my book?
I used to be sort of influenced by, uh, Elvis in the old days, I think.
Yeah, I used to love him...
What about my book then?
Chuck Berry. Chuck Berry. Carl Perkins and ah, Marvin Gay, I think. I can't really sing like him, you know, I like him, though, love him.
Wanna buy it?
Paul, what about singing "Till There Was You"?

Crinsk Dee Night

The next few minutes are in the lap of the gods and hands of the Beatles. In my young days, when I was a lad, they used
to have actors in films and they...
Now they...
Hey, listen.
It's all changed now.
It's all changed now.
Well this is what I'm wondering:
We're not doing that. No actors.
All now...
In those days the actors used to say their best bits were left on the cutting room floor. Did you find that?
No, no, no. These are the good bits in the film, that's certainly the best.
Was it really?
Even worse.
Who was worse?
Oh, Paul.
I see.
I think John was rather worse.
No, it was you.
Oh, RIngo was very good.
He was?
He's a good lad, yes.
They say he's a new Charlie Chaplan.
He was born that.
Do you think this is right?
He's a Charlie Chaplan?
Oh yeah, but he's an old one. OK Ring.
You're beginning to look like it.
Alright John!
Now then.
Can you hear me?
Can you hear him?
Not really, I hope not...
I hope not.
We brought the flowers, Ring.
Not allowed to talk.
We brought you the flowers.
Oh, good.
And the grapes.
Oh, I like grapes.
He likes grapes.
Time out, time out.
He needs a pause.
Well, then we are then.
Well, guess who's top of the pops in Portugal, then.
Los Beatles.
Los Beatles?
Rediculous, Los Beatles.
Os Beatles? Great, great laugh.
I don't suppose you know the title of you film in Portuguese?
No, "Crinsk Dee Night"?
Could be. Let's hear the number, shall we?

Have a Banana

Is that it? Is that the end?
Fade, that's it.
Fade, fade, that's it.
Wo, stop there, stop there, stop there.
We're finished.
That's the end.
Alright, George, hold it.
Fade, you see...
Hold it.
We did, we did that. Ho', no, no, we've done that bit.
The train comes in now...yeah.
We did that to prove that we weren't playing the record, then you see, 'cause otherwise there's no point in you being here, is there?
Yeah, we did that, 'cause that part sounds just like it.
Pretty cool lot of fellows there aren't you? Here Ringo, have a banana

Just A Rumor

George, is it true that you're a consort of the classics?
No, it's just a rumour, a rumour.
It's just a romour?
Do you enjoy singing Beethoven?
No, been singing it for 28 years no, you know?
For how Long?
For 28 years.
That's incredible. Could you manage one more performance?
Um, possibly.
Oh, go on say yes.
Yes. Thank you.


This is a Dorsey Burnette number, brother of Johnny Burnette, called "Lonesome Tears In My Eyes", recorded on my
very first LP, in 1822! Ha!

Set Fire to That Lot!

I've got one card here and it's on the same subject, eh. This one says:
"We think the show is great and we dig the Beatles the most,
but we still haven't heard a word from Ringo,
yet and how about him singing..."
Well, what will you sing for us Ringo? Will you say a few words?
Hello kiddies. I'd like to sing a song for you today called "Matchbox". There you go.
Alright set fire to that lot. OK Ringo thanks very much.
Hey, don't get smart with me, you know.
Do you mind? Get over to your microphone. "Matchbox".

Love These Goon Shows!

But now John has his work cut out on the next one, as he takes the guitar on and off his neck and pulls the harmonica in
and out of his face.
Harp, it's a harp.
What's a harp?
Uh, the harp, I'm playing a harp in this one.
Playing a harp?
Harmonica I play in "Love Me Do", harp in this one. Little.
But it goes in...and...out
It's a mouth organ, harp.
Do you, do you want to do these announcements?
Oh, no.
Well, go on, you go ahead. No, that's alright.
Where's he, where's he going?
Tell them, tell them what the next song is.
Oh. Uh, we'd like to carry on with Chuck Berry's "I Got To Find My Baby" you don't know where she's been. Pardon.
Hello. Love these goon shows.

Ooh! My Arms

That was, uh, a Little Richard number that, uh, the boys rather like and I hope you liked it. "Ooh! My Soul", and ooh my
arms; we've, we've just flown in from Manchester, here from London to, uh, record this show. Well, it's, uh, it's good to see
you again fellows, in these, uh, foreign parts. How are you?
Very well, thank you.
Oh, great, yeah.
Just fine.
What are you doing anyway?
Uh, we're playing in Liverpool at the moment. We've never been there for months, you see, so...
It's good to be back.
Yeah, it's great.
Anybody over there like a request you can do right now.
Well, we'll do a request for everybody.
Good. What do you suggest?
Uh, "Don't Ever Change", one of the oldies.