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January, 1998

[My name is Vicki, I'm 20-something and new volunteer at ATMV. I thought it would be interesting to interview Mike Gabbard, our president, especially in this first edition of the ATMV News. Quite frankly, I was amazed at how little I knew about this issue until I started hanging out with Mr. Gabbard, reading SPH newsletters, and looking at videos in the ATMV office. My opinions, like many people in my generation, were shaped by newspapers, magazines, and MTV. I'm appalled at how homosexual activists are trying to change society, but simultaneously saddened by those who are trapped in this tragic lifestyle.]

What is Alliance for Traditional Marriage and Values?

Stop Promoting Homosexuality America (ATMV) is an international, interfaith coalition of religious leaders, organizations and individuals who oppose the promotion and acceptance of homosexuality as a normal, healthy, alternative lifestyle. It's important to understand the interfaith aspect, because in addition to Christians, we have supporters who are Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist, who see the importance of our efforts and therefore provide us with financial, volunteer, and crucial grass-roots help.

Sometimes, we get calls from people who refuse to work with others because they have a different religious persuasion. My standard answer is: We're in the middle of a culture war and you're asking whether this person is a Christian or not? We need every hand we can get. When the battle's over, then if you want, you'll have the luxury to sit down and argue theology.

What is the purpose of ATMV?

Our main purpose is to inform people about the homosexual movement and its impact on individuals, families and society.

Why does ATMV exist?

We exist because there's an organized effort, not only in America, but internationally, to normalize homosexuality. This is being done by homosexual activists and their supporters in the media, the entertainment industry, politics, some mainline churches, and businesses. We formed ATMV to expose the homosexual agenda and their counterfeit "gay" civil rights movement. We see the homosexual movement, sometimes referred to as "gay liberation", as a political force who's ultimate goal is to have society accept homosexuality on an equal basis as heterosexuality. We think that would be a tragic mistake. Homosexual behavior is unhealthy, abnormal behavior that should not be promoted or accepted in society. As the "gay liberation" juggernaut continues to gather momentum, ATMV will be there to counter the "pro-gay" propaganda with documented facts and statistics.

As a good friend of mine once said, "Facts don't lie, they just exist." Our position is: let's present the facts about this issue and let the people decide for themselves whether or not they think homosexuality is something we want to encourage and promote in society.

What are some of the objectives of ATMV?

  • To encourage people from all walks to become well-informed and actively involved in helping prevent societal acceptance of homosexuality.
  • To monitor media, legislation and judicial activity concerning issues related to homosexuality.
  • To challenge and refute propaganda that promotes homosexuality as a healthy, normal, alternative lifestyle.
  • To obtain reputable research and studies on the individual and societal effects of the homosexual movement.
  • To disseminate information via radio, TV and printed materials about the physically, psychologically and spiritually harmful effects of engaging in homosexual behavior.

But homosexuality has been around for thousands of years. How do you realistically plan to stop it?

It's not Stop Homosexuality International, it's Stop Promoting Homosexuality. Obviously, some people will always choose to engage in homosexual behavior. That's their business. What we're saying is: for the common good, for the overall welfare of society, homosexuality, an aberrant sexual behavior, should not be promoted or accepted in society as normal and natural.

How is homosexuality being promoted?

Well, you've either been living in a cave or you don't read the papers, watch TV or go to the movies. We are in the midst of a full-on assault by homosexual activists and their supporters who are trying to force their own misguided value system down our throats. Anyone who has deeply held religious or moral beliefs against homosexuality are ridiculed, ostracized, and branded as homophobic hatemongers.

In America, there are about 30 openly homosexual characters on TV sitcoms, and dramas. Hollywood has gone berserk in its campaign to include homosexuals in many of its movies. And the interesting thing is that very seldom do you ever see "gays" in TV or on film portrayed as anything but the good guys. It's the heterosexuals that have screwed up relationships, who bumble along in life as closed-minded unenlightened bigots, and the "gays"-- well, they're the wise sages who seem to always have it together, and who ride in on their white stallions to save the day.

Then, there's the schools. In America, colleges and universities have become breeding ground for "gay" student activist groups, "queer studies" programs and pro-homosexual faculty who do everything in their power to push their propaganda at unsuspecting students. The public school systems have been infiltrated by homosexual activists under the guise of "AIDS educators" who indoctrinate our children into thinking that homosexuality is a normal variant of human sexuality. They've formed "gay-straight alliance" clubs in high schools where they recruit heterosexual students as allies in their mission to normalize homosexuality. They've got "Gay Pride Months" in some school districts where they celebrate so-called famous homosexuals throughout history. They're even going after our kindergarteners and first-graders with "pro-gay" curricula and children's books such as "Heather Has Two Mommies" and "Daddy's Wedding", depicting two men kissing, getting married and living happily ever after.

And, then you've got the gullible politicians who have been hoodwinked into thinking that they "gay liberation" movement is no different than the black civil rights movement in America. I mean you've got Martin Luther King's wife, Correta, marching in Gay Pride Parades! Unfortunately, they've made the mistake of equating an immutable characteristic like race or ethnicity, with an aberrant sexual behavior (homosexuality). These same politicians are the ones pushing for sexual orientation laws, domestic partnerships, and legalizing same-sex "marriages."

Businesses have jumped on the "gay" bandwagon by offering benefits to same-sex couples equating their relationships to those of married couples.

And, last but certainly not least, are the churches. Some of the mainline Protestant churches are simply abandoning revealed scripture, and kowtowing to homosexual activists who want to be ordained as ministers, or who want their unions blessed in church.

I could go on, but that's fairly good summary.

But, why homosexuals? Why don't you have Stop Promoting Adultery, or domestic violence, or child abuse? Seems like there are so many other more pressing problems?

Look, if the adulterers, child molesters, or wife-beaters were to organize themselves into a powerful national lobby spending millions of dollars to promote their behavior as normal and natural, then sure, I would consider it my civic duty to get involved and try to stop their efforts.

This is not about protesting tow guys holding hands sitting on a park bench. What we're talking about here is an attack on moral guidelines that have been in place for thousands of years, not only in America, but worldwide. As I've said many times before, we are not the aggressors in this battle. We are simply trying to defend a specific moral code laid down by God in revealed scripture for our benefit.

Besides, these are public policy issues, and everyone has a right to voice their opinion and get involved in the debate. People should not be intimidated by homosexual activists and their accusations of hatemongering and homophobia.

What about compassion for homosexuals?

We are all God's children. Those who engage in homosexual activity warrant the respect and compassion that all people deserve. But real compassion is not shown by pretending that homosexual behavior is normal and healthy. We aren't expected to relate to alcoholics by glorifying their alcoholism or to drug addicts by celebrating their addiction. It's not compassionate to encourage people to take pride in behavior that is destroying themselves and society.

Compassion? What about homosexual activists having compassion for teenagers who may experience homosexual feelings, some may even engage in homosexual behavior. Do you think it's compassionate to tell these kids that they're "born that way and can't change"?

Can homosexuals change their sexual orientation?

Yes, of course. The bottom line is: We don't accept the fictitious homosexual or gay identity. Homosexuality is a behavior, not an identity. In other words, there is no such thing as a homosexual or "gay". Historically, the word "homosexual" didn't exist until the mid 1800s, and when it was originally coined it referred to "homosexual attractions" not an entity or person known as a "homosexual." These labels are simply political constructs created by homosexual activists to achieve their goal of societal acceptance. Our position is this: Humans are born heterosexuals. It's simple, just check the plumbing. The vast majority of us have sexual desires for the opposite sex, while a small minority have homosexual, bi-sexual, or omnisexual desires. Then you've got some people who have sexual desires for children, animals, dead bodies, or whatever.

So what we're dealing with here are tendencies, desires, feelings, urges, and behaviors, not personal identity. The major question to consider is: Can a person control their sexual desires and urges? Obviously, the answer is yes. A married man meets an attractive flirtatious woman in the supermarket who says, "Come home with me." Whether he turns her offer down because he's afraid he'll get AIDS, or whether he's motivated out of love for his wife, the fact is: he said no to that sexual urge. He controlled his mind.

Similarly, for those who experience the urge for sexual activity with someone of the same sex, it's possible to overcome those sexual desires, no matter how powerful they may be. It is possible to redirect or rechannel that sexual energy in a different direction.

Compulsive sexual craving, regardless of one's so-called sexual orientation, is a spiritual problem. Because we are by our very nature, active, loving spiritual beings, we crave love--we want to love someone and we want to be loved. Because this is a spiritual craving, it cannot be satisfied in the material dimension. The only person who can satisfy this craving is the Supreme Lord, our dear Father, our dear Master and Friend.

This is why Lord Jesus Christ commands us to love God with all our hear, mind and being. Actually, if you read the Koran, the Vedas, the Torah--the message is the same: place your love, first and foremost on God. He is the only source of real happiness, real fulfillment, real love.

So, to answer your question, yes a person can change. A person can walk away from homosexuality if they are repentant, sincere, and determined. For many, it's a very difficult path. But thousands have successfully left the "gay" lifestyle.

There are some excellent "ex-gay" organizations out there such as Exodus, Courage, and Homosexuals Anonymous, made up of former homosexuals--both men and women--who are actively helping those who struggle with homosexual desires. In addition, the National Association of Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), a group of dedicated psychologists and psychiatrists has a remarkable success record in helping people who experience homosexual tendencies or urges to overcome those desires.

Is there anything else you want to add?

Actually, a major point that needs to be covered is the fact that churches have, for the most part, done a miserable job of dealing with the issue of homosexuality. Historically, the clergy have been long on condemnation, and short on wisdom and compassion in dealing with those struggling with homosexual desires.

An "ex-gay" friend of mine, Bob, told me that when he was a teenager he confided in his pastor about his homosexual feelings. The pastor, supposedly God's representative, condemned him, told him he was going to hell, and basically kicked him out of the church. Heartbroken and rejected, he sought advice from his parents, who did the same thing.

Another interesting thing he told me was that while growing up, although he didn't engage in homosexual behavior, he did learn what some of those activities were and he was completely disgusted that anyone would ever engage in anal sex, rimming, fisting, golden showers, etc. He said he could never figure out how or why someone would do such filthy, dirty things with their body.

Anyway, after being rejected, he left his rural home, went to a large city, entered a "gay" bar for the first time ever, and everyone there welcomed him with open arms. He felt accepted, respected, wanted and loved. Still, when he started having his first homosexual encounters, deep down in the core of his heart, he felt dirty and disgusted with himself.

Six months after he went to his first "gay" bar, he found himself living in the Castro district in San Francisco, and regularly going to "bathhouses" where he engaged in all of the activities mentioned above, and more. He said he also felt miserable, and dirty during this time of his life. Soon thereafter he tested positive for HIV, and he now has a full-blown AIDS.

Some important points to consider: First of all, driven by lust, Bob started engaging in homosexual behavior, and he experienced distaste and a feeling of dirtiness. Even after moving to San Francisco, this feeling of inner-pollution continued. What the "gay liberation" movement offered him, though, was affirmation, "love", and a sense of community, and happiness. Even with all this external "gay pride-don't worry, be happy" stuff he was getting from his new "gay" friends, still he was feeling great unhappiness and despondency within.

Second, it's obvious his parents and pastor were acting our of ignorance;

Third, as spiritual teachers and guides, we must offer those struggling with homosexuality, the opportunity to be happy again--real happiness. We must teach them about the opportunity to be purified by God's love--that if they beg forgiveness from Him, are sincerely repentant, have faith in Him call upon His Name, and give up their previous sinful activities, they will experience actual happiness. If they give up being slaves to their mind's desires, and do God's will, instead of their own, they will be free. Eventually as their love for the Supreme Lord grows, they will be able to embrace Him, heart to heart.

Fourth, just because a person experiences temptations does not mean they are impure. Rather, the more we surrender to God, then the stronger we become spiritually so that when those temptations do arise, because we have experienced the security of God's protection, we will know where to go for real shelter.

Finally, those people who have homosexual desires must be given a choice--do they want to be embraced by God and His servants, or by the homosexual activists? Do they want the happiness offered by God, or the pseudo-happiness offered by the homosexual activists?

Thanks very much for your time Mr. G.


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