This web site hosts the specifications, developer resources and other materials orginally developed by the I2O Special Interest Group (I2O SIG). The I2O SIG ceased operations on October 13, 2000 in accordance with the Initiative Agreement that governed the SIG.

The SIG's Steering Committee arranged to have the materials hosted on this site made available to any interested parties on an as-is basis.

As the SIG no longer exists all previous trademarks and copyrights have been abandoned. While it would be appropriate to cite original source materials when using content from this site, no individual or entity will restrict the use of the materials hosted on this site. is nothing more than a web site. This web site is not affiliated with any commercial entity or nonprofit organization. The site is hosted by the former management firm of the SIG, LoBue & Majdalany Management Group. Ever reasonable effort will be made to correct any inaccuracies and respond to inquiries. Materials downloaded from this site are on an as-is basis and according to the disclaimer statement for this site.