Our Section


The four regions of the BSA (Southern, Central, Western, and Northeastern) have been divided into sections to aid in Order of the Arrow administration. Our lodge is a member of Southern Region Section Seven A (S-7A), which covers parts of Virginia, North Carolina, and West Virginia. Section Seven A is made up of six lodges, including: 

Nawakwa #3
Tutelo #161
Shenandoah #258
Shenshawpotoo #276
Wahunsenecah #333
Blue Heron #349

Robert E. Lee
Blue Ridge Mtns.
Stonewall Jackson
Colonial Virginia

Richmond, VA
Roanoke, VA
Waynesboro, VA
Winchester, VA
Suffolk, VA
Virginia Beach, VA

Every year, S-7A holds a conclave, which is hosted by one of the lodges within the section. The conclave is a weekend event that involves training events, games, sports, ceremonies & dance competitions, shows, and many special events. One special tradition with the Virginian lodges is the Section Feast, which is held Saturday night. Each lodge brings food which is significant to its area. A Vigil Rededication is also held, with a rededication ceremony for all members being a recent addition. Section officer elections also take place during the action-packed weekend. In the 25 years of its existence, Tutelo Lodge has produced 3 section chiefs, 3 vice chiefs, and 6 secretaries. In order to run for office, one must be under 21 during his entire term of office and be recommended by his Scout Executive. The S-7A conclave rotation schedule is shown below: 

Tutelo #161
Camp Powhatan

Blue Heron #349
Camp Lions

Nawakwa #3
Camp Brady Saunders

Shenandoah #258
Camp Shenandoah

Shenshawpotoo #276
Camp Rock Enon

Wahunsenecah #333
Camp Chickahominy

The National Leadership Seminar is a weekend full of training in decision making, problem solving, communications, situational leadership, and much more. It is a highly intensive experience and is limited to only a select few Arrowmen from each lodge every year.

The National Order of the Arrow Conference is held every other year at a major university. This five day event is packed with sports, Indian dancing, patch trading, ceremonies competitions, shows, parties, and many other exciting events. Arrowmen stay in dorms and eat at the residence hall dining areas. The 1998 NOAC will be held at Iowa State University near Des Moines. Tutelo Lodge plans to take a record delegation so start looking for information in the Torchbearer!