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Athanasios BRIAKOS (GRE)
Date of birth 06.04.1967
Hometown Ioannina
Profession Policeman
Referee since 1985 (FIFA Badge 1998)
Hobbies Swimming
Date of birth 17.05.1966
Hometown Sofia
Profession Policeman
Referee since 1992 (First Division 1996 - FIFA Badge 2001)
Hobbies Swimming
Andrew D'URSO (ENG)
Date of birth 30.11.1963
Hometown Billericay
Profession Bank Manager
Referee since 1979 (First Division 1995 - FIFA Badge 2001)
Hobbies Travelling - Golf - Football - Music - Family
Date of birth 24.02.1973
Hometown Radom
Profession Teacher
Referee since 1991 (First Division 1998 - FIFA Badge 2001)
Hobbies Racing - Tennis
Date of birth 06.04.1971
Hometown Holmsj�
Profession Fireman
Referee since 1992 (First Division 1999 - FIFA Badge 2001)
Hobbies Hunting - Fishing
Date of birth 11.06.1969
Hometown K�pavogur
Profession Foreman
Referee since 1989 (First Division 1994 - FIFA Badge 1997)
Hobbies n/a
Sini�a ZRNIC (BHZ)
Date of birth 15.06.1970
Hometown Zenica
Profession Policeman
Referee since 1986 (First Division 1996 - FIFA Badge 2001)
Hobbies Athletics - Handball - Basketball
Alexandru Dan TUDOR (ROM)
Date of birth 13.09.1971
Hometown Bucharest
Profession Commercial Counsellor
Referee since 1990 (First Division 1998 - FIFA Badge 2001)
Hobbies n/a
Date of birth 01.09.1972
Hometown Netanya
Profession Marketing Manager
Referee since 1988 (First Division 1996 - FIFA Badge 2001)
Hobbies Movies - Travelling - Basketball
Eddie Allan MAILLET (CAF: Seychelles)
Date of birth 19.10.1967
Hometown La Louise, Mahe
Profession Physical Education Teacher
Referee since 1995 (First Division 1996 - FIFA Badge 2001)
Hobbies Fishing

Assistant Referees
David BABSKI (ENG) 05.09.1961
Carl BASSINGDALE (ENG) 17.09.1958
Viacheslav BIKOV (BLS) 25.12.1972
Francesco BURAGINA (SUI) 07.01.1966
Steinar HOLVIK (NOR) 21.07.1968
Robert KISPAL (HUN) 28.07.1969
Lazarus MATELA (RSA) 18.09.1965
Tomislav PETROVIC (CRO) 04.09.1973
Paulo RIBEIRO (POR) 08.06.1972
Miroslav ZLAMAL (CZE) 14.05.1973
Vitomir SIMOVIC (YUG) 24.06.1963
Glenn TURNER (ENG) 06.11.1964
Fourth Officials
Richard BEEBY (ENG) 11.01.1962
Mark CLATTENBURG (ENG) 13.03.1975
Keith HILL (ENG) 20.08.1968

UEFA has appointed nine referees from nine European countries as far apart as Iceland and Israel to officiate at the 32 games to be played in this tournament. All but one � Kristinn Jakobsson � made their continental �debut� by attending UEFA�s introductory course for international referees staged in the southern Turkish city of Antalya at the beginning of February. They are now set to make their debut on the field of play at an international event which represents a great opportunity for them to gain further experience, to form part of a team at a major tournament and to move one step further up the international ladder.

Back-up team
Eight assistant referees from eight different countries will team up with three assistants from England and three other English referees who will act as Fourth Officials.

CAF co-operation
The 23 European match officials will be joined by one referee and one assistant from Africa � or, to be more precise, from the Seychelles and from South Africa. This is in line with UEFA�s policy of forging stronger links with other confederations. The team of match officials for last year�s Under-16 tournament in Israel included representatives from the Central & North American Confederation, CONCACAF, and the Oceanic Confederation, OFC. In the past, the African Confederation, CAF, has also provided match officials for the European Under-21 Championship finals played in Romania and Slovakia.
This is the �seventeenth team� at this year�s Under-16 tournament:
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