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May 03, 2001
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No-Hassle Hookups
Could it be that real plug-and-play is here? Our latest tests connecting USB peripherals were mostly problem-free.

David English
From the May 1998 issue of PC World magazine
Posted Tuesday, March 31, 1998

USB? Oh no, not another computer connector! You already have trouble finding your way through the current maze of wires on the back of your PC. Isn't it enough to match the round plug with the round jack and the oblong plug with the oblong jack? Why can't PC manufacturers leave well enough alone?

We agree. But as you may have heard, Universal Serial Bus is different. This new industry standard features a one-size-fits-all connector to replace all the other ports on your PC. You can plug just about anything into a USB port: monitors, keyboards, mice, modems, joysticks, printers, scanners, video cameras. What's more, you can plug some USB peripherals into each other, which means you can have a string of equipment all running off a single port on your PC--no more groping around the back of the case, looking for another connector. Some USB products, such as scanners and digital cameras, even work without a separate power cord--the USB wire can deliver electrical power. Finally, USB lets you install and remove peripherals without restarting the PC.

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