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She's 29. She's from Edinburgh, Scotland. She's perhaps the sexiest woman in modern rock. Shirley Manson and her band Garbage are selling millions of records and are being played on MTV all the time. They're playing sold out stadiums with Smashing Pumpkins right now, but while all this is going on, Shirley may be up on that stage worrying about the size of her chest. That's what makes her so sexy and cool.
There's plenty of information on the web about Garbage. So on this page, we just wanted to offer a collection of the out-of-this-world quotes Ms. Manson has offered up in the press. These were gathered by the WDRE Morning Show -- who send Shirley more love than is legal in some states. Read on . . . .

Shirley on men's underwear: "I love it when I pull down a boy's pants and he's got no knickers on. But if a man must wear something underneath his trousers, I am willing to accept a man in boxer shorts. I like boys who flow easy and hang loose, because that's the way their minds work too.
Plus, briefs give me the creeps because they remind me of my father... you don't want to be thinking about your father during sex." Details 7/96

Shirley on the "v" word: "I've noticed public schoolboys prefer soft words like pussy... (but) I think you'll find some men like the word VAGINA! (Laughing victoriously) ...Vagina! Vagina!" Arena 6/96

Shirley on bringing sex toys on the road: "If I did, everyone would know I was using it. So I just use my hand. It's cheaper and you don't run out of batteries." Select 6/96

Shirley on bodily fluids: "You shouldn't be scrubbed clean before you have sex. I hate boys who are frightened of pee and shit and menstrual blood. I say no to boys who want to wake up next to a fully made-up woman. I say no to boys who

Garbage and 'DRE: Preston Elliott, Duke Erikson, Spike, Bret Hamilton, Steve Marker, Shirley Manson, and Butch Vig.
prefer stockings and garters to perfect nudity. Who wants a boy who won't kiss you when you've just been sick?
I want a man who will let me pee in his belly button. I want a man to accept the beast in me." Details 7/96

Shirley on a certain singer from R.E.M.: "Michael would feel the best when he's soaking wet." Spin 4/96

Shirley on being woman-handled: "I've never entered a woman's body and a woman's never entered mine, but it seems so much easier for women to fool around. I've kissed girls, felt girls, we've cuddled, rubbed each other..." Select 6/96

Shirley on how long she can last: "As long as I have to." Kerrang! 12/95

Shirley on who was a better Batman: "Michael Keaton suits the mask better, but I'd rather do Chris O'Donnell." Bikini

Shirley on sex in all the right places: "Spontaneous sex in spontaneous places helps to keep the fire alive. I've enjoyed cars, empty building sites, and bathrooms that weren't mine. I love trains because they're unbearably sexy. However, I draw the line at
airplanes. They turn me off completely. I associate them with impending death.
So even if Brad Pitt came up to me on a plane and said 'I need you immediately,' I'd have to say 'not right now,dear'." Details 7/96

Shirley on people's image: "People say, Oh you're so strong on record, and then they meet me, because I'm polite, they mistake that for weakness... Well I am sweet. But fuck with me and I'll mop the floor with you." Entertainment Weekly 6/96

Shirley on being a redhead: "I'm sure I speak for all redheads when I describe the horror of realizing that your pubic hair is a vastly different color from everybody else's. When my lover took me to his bed for the first time, he parted my red cotton kimono and gasped "amazing," and I had an epiphany. Ahh, I rejoiced, somebody likes it. It took me a while, but I can now proudly say that I'm glad I don't have a big black bush!" Details 7/96

Shirley on Pamela Anderson Lee: "I think Pamela Anderson is attractive, in a cartoon sense. She reminds me of my Sindy doll. I want to play with her. I mean, I bet she has no pubic hair." Select 6/96

Shirley on guys who yell "Show us your tits:" "It happens with amazing regularity. I usually say (cute girlie American accent), Are you flirtin' with me?, which is what Juliette Lewis said in Natural Born Killers right before all hell broke loose and the killing started. Are you flirtin' with me? Guns, blood, gore, death! And they don't pick up on it -- they just think I'm being sweet!" Kerrang! 12/95

Shirley on her breasts: "The rest of the band have got bigger tits than me. I am on a permanent quest to find a bra that fits." Details 11/95

Shirley on size: "I don't want a tiny penis, nor do I want a huge one -- just one that will fit you nicely. Too big hurts and it takes forever to get it up and then sustain... there's a lot of work involved. You just want a nice pound of flesh." Select 6/96

Shirley on cunnilingus: "I used to go out with this boy who did not and would not perform oral sex. Clearly he wasn't a real man, because, I'm sorry, a real man gives head. Get down, get busy, or get out!" Details 7/96

Shirley on Brad Pitt: "A friend of mine sent me a computerized picture of Brad Pitt's penis that she got off the internet. I don't know where she got it. dot-slash@Brad Pitt's-penis, I suppose. It was quite impressive." Kerrang! 12/95

Shirley looks back: "I don't regret anything I've done. Except tell someone, ten years ago, that I poohed on my boyfriend's cornflakes... my mother was most offended by that." Select 6/96

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