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Forget your password? Need access to password protected files or systems? Former employees leave without un-protecting their files? Passwords destroyed? Are you worried that your network or your encrypted files may not be secure? We can help! At Password Crackers, Inc. we are experts at cracking password protected files and systems. Using our extensive library of software, techniques and cracking resources we may be a critical resource when crucial files are encrypted. We can also perform security analysis and provide un-crackable encryption software and state of the art firewalls and network security software for those who value privacy and want to be sure their data is secure. Call or email 24 hours a day for information or price quote.

Introducing our NEW Penetration Testing service.

Introducing our NEW Microsoft SQL Server password recovery service.

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We can extract data and passwords from the following programs:

BIOS or Hard Disk Lock


MS Mail®

Professional Write®

Novell Netware®


MS Money®


Windows® NT/2000


MS Outlook®




MS Project®



Filemaker Pro®

MS Schedule®

Quattro Pro®

Adobe Acrobat® PDF

Iomega Zip Disk®

MS SQL Server®

RAR Files

Ami Pro®

Lotus 1-2-3®

MS VBA Modules®



Lotus Organizer®

MS Word®

Winzip & Pkzip®

ARJ Files

MS Access®




MS Backup®




MS Excel®




MS Exchange®

Peachtree Accounting®


America Online®/Yahoo®/Hotmail® Password Recovery

Recommended Books and  Encryption, Intrusion Detection and Data Recovery Software.

Each job is quoted separately based upon complexity. Click on the links above for more detailed information about each program listed.

We expect each of our clients to sign a standard agreement that they are the rightful owners of the data we are attempting to access and that they have the right to access it. We are not hackers and will not break the law. We understand that password protected data is usually highly confidential and sensitive. Therefore our standard agreement also includes a confidentiality clause to help protect our clients.

If you would prefer to recover passwords yourself, you can purchase password recovery software from Passware, Inc. or Accessdata, Inc.

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