chaddie...........lead vocals / keyboard

 Chaddie started singing with bands while attending Hendrix College, then moved to basement bands in Washington D.C. before getting her big break as the lead singer for a blues band called The Spoilers. They had the dubious distinction of being the house band at the Laughing Lizard Lounge in Old Town. Then she ran off to join the Peace Corps in the wilds of Dominica, West Indies, where as a P.C. volunteer, she was expressly forbidden to sing!

She decided that ny job that didn't allow singing was no job for her, so she came back her homeland in Fayetteville. She climbed the corporate ladder & started Ultra Suede with Rhonda & Susie for fun in her spare time. As it took on a life of its own, she traded in her 3-piece suits for khakis & settled into a great job as Membership Director at KUAF, National Public Radio.

She now enjoys both full-time jobs with her husband, Charlie & their dogs, Missy & Eva (the Diva).

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