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The History of FurryMUCK

Written by Tina Smith (Jahangiri)

Illustrations - Clio by Conrad Wong; Meep the Feep by Curtis Smith
Excerpts contributed by K'has (Mel. White)

History pertains to many things and the internet, as fast as it's growing, is no exception. Through this medium some of us have had the opportunity to play and learn, to make new friends. FurryMUCK is the longest running MUD, as well as the largest, and it's still growing. A lot of folks have given time, sweat, tears, and even money to make Furry what it is today. me, and to 8000 other characters. We will attempt to bring you the story of how that came about.

The beginning, if we wanted to go back THAT far, would be MUD, written in 1979 by Roy Trubshaw. The game was originally little more than a series of inter-connected locations where you could move and chat. The idea behind creating MUD was to make a multi-player adventure game and to write an interpreter for a database definition language.

But, most agree that TinyMUD, created by Jim Aspnes in 1989, was the first popular MUD. TinyHELL quickly followed, written by Random(Russ Smith) and Moira(Jennifer Smith) in 1989. Islandia was one of the biggest. It allowed around 64 people on at one time and had some where around 150,000 objects. Islandia was more of a social MU*, rather than a Role-Playing one, its players being more into chatting and building. It was started by Garrett in early 1990 and lived for a year and a half before burnout set in. Too many users for the machine to keep up with, so the wizcorp decided to pull the plug.

Brigadoon(Started by Wanderer and Caine in June 1990 and lasting till winter of 1991) and Chaos,A MUCK(which was started by Random and Moira, after TinyHell was retired, in April of 1990 and lasted till Oct 31, 1990) were examples of MUCKs briefly around at that time. TinyMUD was the server code used until Steve White wrote TinyMUCK in March of 1990. Newer versions quickly followed and were written by various authors. A desire for more realistic mechanics behind the MU* lead to this, so objects and such could be created and used in such a fashion that you could actually see them work.

Furry was originally DisneyMUCK, worked on by both Drew Maxwell and Melissa Whitfield (Gypsy). When that failed, Drew took over, wiped out the database and began again. He asked his then Housemates (Ashtoreth, Centaur, and Shaterri) to help him come up with a theme and FurryMuck was suggested by one of them, it's forgotten exactly by whom. The theme was agreed upon and Drew wanted Furry to be the union of the 'original' Furry fandom, who had to deal with communicating via e-mail, snailmail, fanzines, and over the internet, stifling them; and the MUD crowd who understood high-speed role-play, but really didn't have that furry mindset the 'fandom' people did." Here is where we'll begin....

FurryMuck's Years


I won't say it's impossible to compile this history accurately, but I will admit it's going to take a bit of time. There's so much to include, so much to tell, and so many people whose own personal experience is important. Sooner or later I'll get to you and as I get new info or corrected info, I'll update this site. There a lot of folks to thank for helping put all this together up to this point. The entire wizcorp of FurryMUCK, of course; Including past and present wizards, BoingDragon, and my friend, Esbeemer, for listening to me whine, and to Lynx for answering my millions of questions. Thanks all! If you would like to contribute stories and dates, please feel free to email Jahangiri