24/07/99 .... Janick's Toronto Gig Report

Hi, everyone just a quick word about the gig in Toronto. This concert was one of the ones that Adrian would have to miss because he had to fly back to England for personal reasons. Therefore the mighty Maiden were reduced to a fivesome.

The gig was great fun as always with a fantastic audience reaction even though we were pyro-less [due to fire restrictions in the hall] and due to a rather smaller stage than usual without our ginormous stupendous stage show. Regardless of all this we all had a brilliant time. There were only a few problems; one being me mistakenly nicking some of Davey's solos in mistaken belief that that they were Adrian's. As the neo fascist, slightly to the right of Attilla the Hun, tour dictator Dickie Bell has often said "Janick will solo [or twiddle as Dick sees it] over anything, even another solo", [oops sorry Dave!]. Anyway with Adrian not there, I was just a little dazed and confused as to which solo was whose.

After the gig as always, the Dave and Jan show started in the bar of the hotel, where we met some fans from Mexico who had flown in for the gig, and in a show of true loyalty, promptly bought Dave and I a beer which I rather craftily downed immediately when I saw the arrival of the legendary Rodrick Smallwood, unfortunately for Dave he did not feel the immense presence of the great one, and thus lost his beer to the burly legend with the words "CHEERS DAVE"! Now beerless, we headed out into the night to find another bar somewhere on Young St. but that's another story.

I must say though, Dave took the fact that I nicked some of his solos very well, although I must admit that last round, the one Dave bought, just after the tequila shots, did have a very strange taste to it. It tasted and smelt a bit of stale p---! Nah he wouldn't - not DAVE!!!!!!

[Cheers mines a Corona and can you get one for me mate?].