1941 to 1945

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"Mors Ab Alto"
("Death From Above")

To all that sign onto this website I would like to make this statement:

I am Rudy Karpstein and am currently the Sec/Treas of the 7th Bombardment Group Historical Foundation. We are all former members of the 7th Bombardment Group. We are former pilots, navigators, gunners, mechanics, clerks, cooks, truck drivers, welders, sheet metal men, Squadron Commanders, Group commanders, medics, crew chiefs, radio operators, flight engineers, armament men, base engineers, aircraft inspectors, supply sergeants, radar shop technicians, bomb sight specialists, intelligence personnel, Chaplains, First Sergeants, photographers, and many more that have served the cause for our nation during WW II. We have arrived at this point in our organization because of several who thought that a certain fellowship occurred among us during our time at Hamilton Field, Cal., Salt Lake City, Utah and during the opening months of the war and in India. This fellowship has survived and grown stronger with age through the years. We at first were a small group meeting every two years and having a grand time together with our families at national parks or in interesting cities such as Cody Wyoming. The group kept growing as we were able to search out our buddies through old rosters and names from military records centers. We were able to increase membership or our aircrew members from connections with the Pentagon and diligence search by our members. The roster grew to be 1,236 members in the 1993 Morning Report. There are still many names that have escaped our search.

We establish this website for the use of our posterity to find out about their parents, uncles, or other relatives and friends. And to find out about things about the war in India, and South Pacific from those that were there.

There are other statements in this website that are much more encompassing and
meaningful than mine. But I submit this with hope that many will enjoy what is here and that which will be added.

Thanks to Jim Augustus who has started it in motion.


Rudy Karpstein

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No information or photographs may be copied by any means without the consent of the Web Site's Administrator or the 7thBG Historical Foundation.