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This non-commercial site is a preliminary attempt at collecting in one place scans of all known Andrei Tarkovsky movie posters (internationally). Please consider donating to the Museum a scan of your favorite poster. If you have any questions, suggestions, fan-mail, complaints, or comments, please feel free to contact the Curator, Trond S. Trondsen. Poster scans are provided without any commercial interest - they are displayed here for the Tarkovsky connoisseur's viewing pleasure, and the website is a pure labor of love, as it were. Nevertheless, copyright owners may contact me anytime in case of legal difficulties.

Most of the displayed posters can be clicked for a larger-scale version.

For more Tarkovsky related information, please visit the excellent Andrei Tarkovsky Home Page, and in particular their Message Board. Further, Truth-in-CinemaQuest has an insightful section on Tarkovsky. There is actually also a Tarkovsky Museum in Russia, and a site focusing on Andrei's birthplace, Yurievets. There are several Tarkovsky resources here, especially for the Russian-speaking. Owe Svensson has been interviewed about The Sound in Tarkovski's Sacrifice. Finally, the Foreign Films site may be of some interest.

Please take a few moments to leave your comments in the The Museum Guestbook.

Recent Events:

Mon Apr 23: Michael Lellouche, our Man in Paris, reports that Ruscico, the Center of Cinematography of Russia, is releasing through their French distributor SOLARIS on DVD on May 5th, 2001. Note that all Ruscico disks are zone/region free. According to Ruscico officials, Image Entertainment is the North-American distributor for Ruscico. However, no word yet on when Image will release Solaris (You may remember that Image recalled their initial Solaris DVD release a few years ago - only a few disks were sold, now a hot collector's item). In the meantime, feel free to purchase this region-free disk directly from France if you have a multi-sync TV set, or a DVD player with programmable output (such as the cheap Raite players). Ruscico can be reached via

Fri Feb 16 14:20:25 MST 2001. Michael Lellouche writes: I would like to tell you that Collected Screenplays in French [will be] published in two books. Incredible work, with also all short stories, exclusive things, unpublished material, his kino-novels, and also all original material novels from "Solaris" (Lem novel), "Stalker" etc. The novels are included. So many things. I will try to type an article on the french books which are so outstanding.

Thu Dec 7 10:34:41 CET 2000: The Andrei Tarkovski Institute in Paris just advised that the collected screenplays of A.T. (already published in english) will be released in French in one month. [Thanks to Michael Lellouche for this update].

The Tarkovsky On-Line Movie Poster Museum has recently acquired the domain name `' (with the letter `h', preserving the original spelling) and will relocate there within a few months' time. The Museum will be expanded to include entire books about Tarkovsky not previously published (Copyright negotiations are underway), and a lot of information heretofore only available in languages other than English, such as portions from the recent (less heavily censored) edition of The Diaries. Stay tuned for updates! We are currently accepting contributions (posters, pamphlets, original manuscripts) for the new expanded Tarkovsky site. Contributions may be done by postal mail or electronically. All contributions will be acknowledged. Let's make this site a valuable resource for film students.researchers, journalists, writers, and fans!

Slovenska Kinoteka, Ljubljana, Slovenia will be showing The Sacrifice shortly. Click on image for a somewhat larger version of their poster. The Curator congratulates the Kinoteka on their newly acquired print of Offret. Thanks again to Sandra in Ljubljana for providing us with this hot-off-the-press poster!

Disclaimer: I do not own the Copyright to these pictures. They are provided here without any commercial interest. Consequently I do not have any of these posters for sale, they are displayed here for the Tarkovsky connoisseur's viewing pleasure only. Copyright owners may contact me in case of legal difficulties.
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